According to Pvt South

Dearly beloved, the Kentucky Derby is a big deal in the horse racing history and the 145th was a real doozy. My home town is Derby City and the folks here get to see every race, (14), starting at 10:30 AM,(the Derby is #12). The rain and mud came again just like last year and the stretch run coming down the track with 19 horses was breath taking.  Let’s not forget the 100 lb. jockeys, using their whips, looking for the rainbow at the finish line, (and 10% of the purse). Everything looked good after the race until the kiss of death flashed up on the tote board, INQUIRY. The 150,000+ were stunned since this is the first time it has happened after all these years. Now, everyone must wait until the results. The tote board flashed the new results and it was doom city. The winner was placed to 17, because of a BUMP and the runner up was placed in First. The fat lady has sung. The tote board flashed FINAL, and dearly beloved, it is over, (Get ready for the next race). WOW for a brief moment, after all the chaos, you would think the Democrats were put in charge of the Derby.

Now another political horse race is coming up and no matter the weather, there will be plenty of mud,(Our candidate is wonderful and your candidate sucks).All the Democratic candidates want to play Santa Claus, especially the women. They know their chances are remote, but it will look good on their resume. Smiling Joe and Crazy Bernie are hanging in there for now, and Sweet Nancy is proof positive Congress would work better without their gender.

Pvt South