The remains of General Sickles’ right leg are currently on display

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– Lest “the date” sneaks up on you, I wish to subtly remind the reader that May 25 is National Tap Dance Day in the USA. Have your shoes polished and your “mind set” prepared. Ticka-Ticka-Tap-Tap-Tap. Perhaps surprise your family that special Saturday morning by performing a 4 to 5 minute tribute to Bo-Jangles.

– Tiered by annual precipitation per area unit, Antarctica is by far earth’s driest continent.

– Having been raised on the Plains of West Texas, I encountered a few unusual medical remedies that were often used to “cure” maladies. Convincing a red rooster or red hen to peck a kernel of corn from the surface of a wart would cause the disappearance of any pecked wart within a week. If the wart were still around, that meant the kernel had not been accurately placed. Using a fairly clean rag to secure one slice of bacon atop a stubbornly-embedded splinter would “draw” the splinter out and make it easy to remove. Consuming a spoonful of kerosene-soaked sugar would kill stomach worms in humans, hog and dogs. There were many other tried and true cures. Perhaps the readers might share some?

– Historical records indicate that the first supreme ruler of Japan was a woman named Himiko. She reigned from 189 to 248 A.D.

– Most nations have produced some incredibly brave and tough individuals. I offer as an example United States general Dan Sickles at the Battle of Gettysburg. He was stricken in his right leg by a confederate cannonball. The demolished and useless limb was dangling as General Sickles summoned surgeons to amputate the shattered leg. Meanwhile, General Dan smoked a cigar and issued orders while lying on a blanket in clear view of his men. Sickles continued to issue directives until a relief officer arrived and assumed command. The remains of General Sickles’ right leg are currently on display at the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Washington, D.C.

– Recent food surveys have revealed regional pizza preferences are sometimes rather interesting. Brazil folks have long favored green peas as a chosen topping delight while Costa Rica locals frequently request shredded coconut. Thank Goodness “there is no explaining taste.” Otherwise, I should never have found any mate that would accept me.

– Here is a mild surprise for many Americans – the U.S. state that occupies territory lying farthest east is … Alaska. The Aleutian Islands extend past the 180th meridian of longitude. Well, design your pizzas to please your special group and have a splendid day.

James White is a retired mathematics teacher who enjoys sharing fascinating trivia. He can be reached at