In response to Mr. Steve Lowen’s letter to the editor, May 1, 2019:

Mr. Lowen,

Your bitter diatribe reminds me of a jilted lover who can’t move on.  You can’t believe your lover would choose someone more successful and interesting.  All you have left are insults.   You can’t believe America would choose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton who, as most of us are aware, has never had to answer for her crimes which include the White Water Scandal, Travel Gate and Bengazi.  Her possession of a private server and destruction of emails during the presidential campaign will come back to bite her….and soon.  At this point, she must be looking over her shoulder in the direction of Attorney General William Barr.

As an Hispanic woman, I’m more than pleased to know that unemployment rates are the lowest in American history for the Hispanic population.  I’m also more than pleased to learn that salaries for middle and lower income workers are rising.  There are more jobs, high consumer confidence and no inflation.  I’m also more than pleased to see and hear, through President Trump’s actions and words, his support of “American values, laws, protocol and science.”   And, by the way, one is not anti-science if they refuse to board the climate change train. 

Mr. Lowen, You say you find it difficult to understand why so many Americans would support Donald Trump.  Apparently, you are not accustomed to having a winner as President of the United States; a winner who actually loves this country, as opposed to his predecessor who traveled the world apologizing for his country…how shameful!!  Apparently, you would prefer a Socialist candidate for President. Mr. Lowen, Socialism which, as you no doubt have heard, NEVER WORKS!!  Capitalism does, and Donald Trump understands this all too well.  To quote the brilliant Kurt Schlichter “Socialism is like ideological herpes, it keeps coming back!”…and is contagious.     

Mr. Lowen, you are responsible for your own happiness,  and a new left-wing, Socialist lover is not the answer.      

Diane Brown
Cave Creek