McFarlane now ‘functional golf specialist’ but helps more than golfers

Dr. Jay McFarlane
Dr. Jay McFarlane

CAREFREE – Dr. Jay McFarlane of Carefree Acupuncture and Chiropractic has earned another certification – Functional Golf Specialist – but it’s not only for golfers! “It’s another certification to enhance patient treatment,” he explained. McFarlane, D.C., C.C.S.P., AAMVI, Dipl. Ac (IAMA), is also a Certified Nike Golf Performance Specialist.

For the golfer, McFarlane’s certification will benefit one’s backswing, impact, address and follow-through. For the nongolfer, he can show how to improve mobility, balance, power, strength, endurance, recovery. And this does not have to come on the heels of an injury or accident, or even the desire to “hit the ball farther.” The treatment complements every action folks do daily, like removing clothes from the dryer or making the bed, reinforcing fewer ways to hurt themselves.

McFarlane reiterated, “Though the course is taught by PGA golf pros, it’s not just for golfers, it’s applied function science analyzing movement impairments and how to improve them.” His weekend seminar included three hours per day of exercise, and after his own participation, he admitted, “It was the best I was moving after two days!” This coming from a former professional hockey player.

McFarlane encourages those who may have had hip or knee replacements to try this rehabilitation along with acupuncture and chiropractic.

The Functional Golf Specialist certification is recent for McFarlane, but the golfers who had the opportunity to try it thought it was incredible. McFarlane is pleased with the feedback as he truly wants his golfing patients “to be the best club in their golf bags.” Because he is aware swing faults come from body faults, he wants to assist those in the golfing community.

Another early patient of the treatment loved it and commented “it was challenging and made the brain do things it usually would not do.”

“This complements everything we are doing, and it’s good for everyone. We can make it movement specific and improve movement in all three directions or planes,” he added.

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