His case was dismissed

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– While doing research for my columns, I ran across the word “snirtle.” A snirtle is an effort to suppress laughs or giggles while listening to others speak. Example: I snirtled when I heard a politician utter that “he had occasionally stretched a truth.”

– There is currently a computer on the American market that is sold with ROM software that enables users to hack other computers and re-write various software programs. Target audiences are gamers that desire to triumph or score extremely well while playing games. I am speaking from “far above my pay grade” here as I try to explain the hacking capabilities this newly designed computer offers to players so users can modify source codes. Base price is $299.

– Several species of spiders spin web silk in order to create small balloons. On breezy days (and nights), lighter arachnids face into the winds and launch from trees, buildings, etc. They can float and bob in air currents for miles, seeking new homes and sources of prey. However, “randomness” will deposit a few spider balloons in your face, your hair or your whatever. Experts generally agree that it is a good idea to remove spiders from your whatevers.

– I have recently been watching a contestant on Jeopardy set records for high scores. I researched the lowest score ever of a TV Jeopardy contestant. Someone’s game total was negative $5100. He lost.

– Scientists claim that Antarctica contains approximately 70% of our planet’s fresh water. Here’s hoping that Congress never devises a way to tax that resource.

– Robert Lee Brock may have “what it takes” to become a member of some legislative body. Crafty Robert Lee was serving 23 years as a guest of the Florida prison system when he devised a scheme to sue himself for $5 million. Brock’s legal logic was that he had his religious and civil rights violated while he was a Florida citizen and he led himself astray by getting drunk and committing larceny. R. L. B. contended that he had been a ward of the state of Florida and should rightfully be awarded punitive reparations and be released from prison with money and a new suit of clothes. His case was dismissed.

– “Baseball fan” was originally intended to be an insult describing “baseball fanatic.” The intended stigma did not last long and we now have dozens of various sports fans. However, we seem to have very few umpire fans. Control your snirtling and have a great day.

James White is a retired mathematics teacher who enjoys sharing fascinating trivia. He can be reached at jkwhite46@gmail.com.