Those Who Die with the Most Original Body Parts Win!

Dr Leisa

Back in Sedona, the day before my first radio show aired, I was talking to a neighbor. He looked like Bob Barker, and was a tennis player who was pretty fit. I figured he was in his early 70’s at the time. He was so proud to tell me that he was about to have both knees replaced later that week. Once I asked him what he’d tried first, he seemed to be so excited to finally have the procedure. What I found, is that he had only tried anti-inflammatories, injections, and physical therapy. I didn’t hear him say anything about alternatives like, diet changes with an anti-inflammatory diet, acupuncture, chiropractic, or medical grade supplements that would have been monitored by a physician. I thought that was very sad. As a matter of fact, I decided to base my first radio show on this topic.

But No One Told Me There Were Options

I’m writing about this today, because I’ve found over the years, that many people are actually proud to have their joints replaced. They seem to wear it like a badge of honor. Perhaps their friends have had it done, or pharmaceutical commercials have swayed them as well. I find this to be a decision made with no options for the patient. They generally feel this is their only way to feel relief of their joint pain. In many cases, there are a number of options to replacement. I’ve treated thousands of patients over the last 24 years, and those who have chosen the alternative to replacement, have been grateful for the chance to even been told about alternatives. In most cases, insurance may not cover these options. This does not mean there is something wrong with the alternative therapies. As a matter of fact, insurance is paying for less and less of viable alternatives rendered by skilled physicians who have had extensive training, and in many cases, years of experience.

So What Are Some Alternatives to Joint Replacement?

Diet changes, including an anti-inflammatory diet. I mean for at least 6 months to see the changes. Not just last Tuesday. These changes will definitely include removing gluten and dairy from your diet. To follow through to a more intense and proven plan, grains must be eliminated. I’ve written past articles on the subject, so please feel free to go back into the archives of my articles. Medical grade supplements are important. Many patients tell try supplements like glucosmine, curcumin, and others with no results. Once I prescribe the medical grade formulas with specific protocols, they respond much better.

Many patients also tell me they’ve tried acupuncture, and it and either it had worked or it had not. Always interview the practitioner to determine whether they are fully qualified, and ask for other patients to talk to in order to see how the results were.

Chiropractic works by adjusting joints. In many cases, the condition had arrived from an alignment issue with joint. As chiropractic physicians, we can correct that in many cases.

The right exercises should be prescribed as well. In many cases, I’ve seen some personal trainers and even physical therapists recommend exercises that are too difficult for the patient to perform. This is a process that may not happen in a five or six week therapy program.

PRP or amniotic stem cells are viable options. Although not covered by insurance, there are many studies supporting these types of cutting edge procedures. They work to rebuild tissue that has been torn or broken down. There is so much information could cover on this subject, that it needs its own article someday.

As a physician, I strongly recommend that you take your time, but follow through with all that is recommended. If your treatment plan is not working, don’t rush right into surgery. Look for other alternatives, and be honest with yourself and your practitioner as to what your goals are, and what you are doing outside of your treatment. As a practitioner, I need to know what you’re doing inside and outside of my office. This way I can render the best care possible for you and to reach your goals.

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