Jesus Christ has arrived in the form of Marianne Williamson

Dear Don Sorchych or staff,

I hear that Marianne Williamson is being spread in her campaign as Lord Jesus Christ. Does this shock you? I am surprised to find this video released in the campaign.

Basically, this video refers to Presidential Candidate as Jesus Christ. Is the nation ready for such thing? Here is her facebook page, where she is highlighted larger than life and as a superhero:

I did a bit of research on Marianne Williamson on her youtube channel: She teaches Bible quite unconventionally.  Almost at every turn, she clarifies what Bible meant as some other meaning as an esoteric version.  She attempts to give a different spin to everything that Jesus said.

I am truly surprised to find how she cleverly merges new age meditation with all religions and especially with Christianity.  I am not opposed to what she says, but I think people referring to her as Jesus Christ, needs to be explored.

Would you take this seriously, raise awareness among Churches and Christians in Cave Creek and Arizona? So, they can take appropriate steps to address this matter.

Thanking you, and looking forward,

Sarah Sander