How will it all end

dr rick

Today in the United States, healthcare is the third leading cause of death behind heart disease and cancer we manage to keep our population down by one means or the other. It will be terrible won’t it when the main cause of death is healthcare and we have to depend on heart disease and cancer keeping us alive to balance everything out. Ah yes, how great it will be when we fight to see who will be our last generation.  Actually, we are all mostly trying to stay alive and pick sides from the lesser of two evils be they Republicans or Democrats.

It probably won’t be the cockroach in the end like everyone thinks, but some small single cell animal where we all start over again and this time hopefully get it right with a better twist of the DNA. Sorry to offend any of my fellow Christians. Of course, I know God doesn’t make mistakes, our free will did that. Oh well, no point in worrying about this now. That is a few million years away although the way the Democrats and Republicans go at it, they could end it all in 15 years since we are all so fond of nuclear arms and controlling the earth.

It will not be the nuclear arms we all have to worry about but the great war between the Democrats and the Republicans. It will be nothing like the “War of the Worlds.” We will have degenerated into a clan or tribal war which is described below. Yes, very soon we will function as a tribe.

Several people from the Dallas-Fort Worth area and I sat in a café in Israel one day a couple years ago and listened to a Dr. Mordechai. I asked him if the United States belonged in the Middle East. He replied, “Definitely not.” He said what America does not understand, the tribalism of the Middle East. He went on to say the countries in the Middle East that are ruled by one family are more stable countries. He said Iraq has always been a country of tribes. He explained that in order to get a good idea of tribalism he would give us an example: The stallion of one tribe got loose and bred a mare owned by a neighboring tribe. The stallion was killed along with several members of the neighboring tribe. As a consequence the mare was going to have a foal. The feet of that foal would never be allowed to touch the ground while that foal was alive.

No American can comprehend the killing of a foal just be cause your neighbor’s stallion bred your mare. Such is what tribalism is made up of. I think anyone can see the tribalism we are trying to take away from the Middle East is what we have become.

In an article several years ago in the New York Times, back when they were a reputable newspaper, Thomas Friedman wrote, tribes and sects that make up these more artificial states have long been held together by the iron fist of colonial powers, kings or military dictators.

My words now. In other words the Saddam Husseins, Muammar Gadhafis, and Hosni Mubaraks of the Middle East kept civility in their own countries by ruling with iron fists. America removed all those iron fists to make those countries better, a democracy so to speak that can function as well as America. Kind of ironic and funny isn’t it. Now we are one.

And what did we accomplish? We managed to get rid of Christianity in all those countries. Over one million in Iraq either left or were killed. Same with the Coptic Christians in Egypt. We have to pat our selves on the back as the rest of the world is not going to do it.

These countries have no real “citizens” in the modern sense. Democratic rotations in power are impossible because each tribe lives by the motto “rule or die” — either my tribe or sect is in power or we’re dead.

This article went along very well with what Dr. Mordechai taught us that day. All of the Middle Eastern Countries with the majority of citizens from various tribes were much more loyal to their tribe than to the new democracy they may have been trying to form.

Again, Thomas Friedman wrote: It is no accident that the Mideast democracy rebellions began in three of the real countries — Iran, Egypt and Tunisia — where the populations are modern, with big homogenous majorities that put nation before sect or tribe and have enough mutual trust to come together like a family: “everyone against dad.” But as these revolutions have spread to the more tribal/sectarian societies, it becomes difficult to discern where the quest for democracy stops and the desire that “my tribe take over from your tribe” begins.

How are these clan and tribal disputes settled? The clan sheikh is expected to settle disputes between extended families and sub-clans. However, dispute settlement through revenge killing may occur between families of different sub-clans without the intervention of the sheikh.

If these vendettas get out of hand the sheikh may authoritatively impose a settlement. Raids and ambushes are the accepted means of – settling disputes – enforcing authority – obtaining property.

The sheikh represents the interests of the clan within the tribe. And each tribe has a grand sheikh who is normally the head of the largest and most powerful clan. Clan members assist each other with loans, jobs, political support, bureaucratic intervention, etc.

Now that we are a tribe or clan here in the United States, how do we elect a Sheikh to moderate our disputes. I hate that we are still settling our disputes with raids and ambushes.

God bless all of you,

Rick R. Redalen, M.D., Maverick Doctor

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