The “Green New Deal” being touted by some radical Dems, appears to be neither. Doing away with airline travel, automobile transportation, coal fired electrical production, controlling bovine flatulating and God knows what else sounds like a return of the Stone Age to me. Cave dwelling is not high on my list. Add to this insanity a push to force us all into becoming herbivores, erasing our international borders and ending “income inequity” (minimum wage for all?) sounds like a push for a Socialist dictatorship, denied, but freely entered into by their presidential field. Without freedom of movement, or free will this ain’t no deal except for those in charge lining their pockets with our green.

Granted not every Dem is on board with this tripe, even Queen Nancy cringes at the thought of openly promoting a Socialist agenda, But the crowd of Democrat presidential hopefuls gleefully embrace the insanity. If this be the core of their 2020 Platform we may be assured of returning Mr. Trump to the Executive Mansion.     

Randy Edwards