America’s great immigration system

Dear Wall Street Journal editors, Mathew J. Murray, editor in chief:  ( ; )

A meeting with Chinese officials helped convince Neeraj Kaushal nobody is better than the U.S. at handling new arrivals.

Your recent publication of “America’s Great Immigration System” fails to deal with our reality of accelerating overpopulation in the United States. America’s immigration system proves itself the most destructive in the world.  At 330 million of us, we cannot continue along our “exponential growth” path, which mimics cancer cells, and in the end, the host country collapses from too many people demanding too little water, energy and resources.

While the world population continues exploding with 83 million people, net gain annually, hundreds of millions of desperate people attempt to flee Africa, India, China, Mexico and Indonesia to land in first world countries that chose stable populations during the 1970’s. We absorb over 1 million legally, annually, and 500,000 illegally.    Because of their desperate circumstances brought about by third world birth rates, all western countries face endless onslaught of immigrants.  Africa, at 1.1 billion today expects to jump to 2.0 billion by 2050 and 4.0 billion by the end of this century.  Can we save all of their citizens?  Answer: not a chance, but we can destroy our own civilization.  (Source: UN Population Projections—Africa)

We must ask ourselves, “Do we want to bequeath to our children an immigration-driven overpopulation nightmare of another 140 million people added to this country within 31 years by 2050?  We’re jumping from 300 million in 2006 to 440 million by 2050. (See population graph) And, how will our children cope with worsening quality of life, lowered standard of living and collapsing environment?”

As a six continent world bicycle traveler, I’ve seen what’s coming to America via endless immigration and it’s not pretty. Let the WSJ publish more realistic pieces on how endless immigration degrades America’s future because it truly proves we endure “America’s Worst Immigration System” that ultimately ends in collapse of our civilization.

Thank you,

Frosty Wooldridge
Golden, CO