On Feb. 20, Mr. J.P.A. Maldonado of Chandler wrote the most despicable letter I have ever seen. In the years that I have been receiving your free newspaper, I noticed that it was full of complaints, always. I felt the inhabitants of Carefree had money and beautiful homes, so I wondered why complain so much.

I usually don’t read letters, but Mr. Maldonado stood out. I would like to know what he has to be proud of doing in his lifetime, because all he did was complain about a man with an enviable history and with a very intelligent, beautiful wife that almost lost her life being shot by a Schizophrenic male who didn’t like what she had to say. Others murdered, including a judge and a 9 yr. Old girl. Gabby has worked for years to be able to speak and walk. She is grateful to be alive, but their hopes and dreams for marriage and a family were destroyed by someone who should not have a gun.

While the writer of the letter to you cares little for children or adults being murdered as he is more concerned about his gun. Gifford has been elected more than once to the legislature and would be again. He calls her a puppet. I have never heard such criticism of a wounded woman who didn’t desrve to get shot. Mark Kelly has served his country, 30 yrs. Military, I think, an astronaut, an engineer and wonderful husband to his wife.

Maldonado calls him an opportunist. I will watch your column and I would like to see what Mr. Maldonado has done with his life besides clean his gun. So, Mr. J.P.A., do I also detect your misogynist attitude as well as throwing a few words in about Kyrsten Sinema? Do you beat your wife?

M.M. Klein, Ed.D