Stargazer Feb. 27—March 5, 2019

Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs:  Mercury, ancient god of travel, messages and routine business, turns retrograde on Tuesday, March 5, next week.  This phenomenon occurs three times per year, lasting approximately 3.5 weeks each.  Those whose work involves appointments can be prepared for a flurry of phone calls and changes in schedule.  If your work is related to publishing, travel or the communications industry, be prepared for last minute changes and potential computer snafus.  Avoid signing contracts while Mercury is retrograde because you may change your mind later.  If you must settle an issue legally at this time, be sure you thoroughly understand what you sign.  Nuisance complications arise during these periods because our culture is out of touch with the natural cycles of life.  The Mercury retrograde is intended to be a time of quiet thinking and reflection, gathering (but not acting upon) information, and finishing old or forgotten projects.  Most of us have a hard time making final decisions during these periods because we know instinctively that conclusions are premature, requiring more data or gestation time.  But our hard hitting, always forward moving, Western culture likes to pretend business as usual, regardless of the natural rhythms of life.  Therefore we are “destined” during this time to experience temporary snags, hang-ups and detours in routine daily affairs.

Aries:  This is a good time to make adjustments in your life routines so that they will reflect what you really want to accomplish.  You can easily stay on target with your goals now.  Use your imagination to “see” your accomplishment and then begin with the first step which will lead you to the next.

Taurus:  You have a sense of physical strength at this time that will be especially beneficial if you are exercising or in any type of competition.   For the next three weeks your activities are on display.  Others are noticing your performance, so make it great.  You may be standing in the limelight. 

Gemini:  You are probably thinking twice about an action that sounded good in the beginning.  Mercury, will turn retrograde in the house of career and life direction.  This is really more of a tweaked change than a larger life change.  Now is the time to research the best possible choices, but don’t make promises until you are certain.

Cancer:   You may have a minor struggle with yourself about whether to take care of others or yourself. Helping others may look good, but it isn’t what you want to do right now.  Because Mercury is turning retrograde this week, you may be splitting your time and attention between both needs.

Leo:  Experiences may seem surreal on some level during this week.  You may be doing something you never thought you would do.  Hold onto the awareness that you might be misinterpreting what happens.  It is also possible that you are unconsciously applying a mask to suit the circumstances.  If you feel disconnected, you must go back to your heart center.

Virgo:  Because Mercury will be retrograding in your 7th house, changes will be coming to you through others.  A partner may change his/her mind about a previously made decision.  Those of you engaged in any kind of contract or promise may feel the need to back off and rethink the situation.  Those who are recently separated may want to try the relationship again.

Libra:  Venus, your ruling planet, moves into the sector of life related to children, recreation, and romance.  The goddess of love is happy in this territory and often brings new energy and light wherever she goes.  Opportunities to share your love, personal or humanistic, will be rewarding.

Scorpio:  Now is the time to talk with your partner.  Your communications are open and honest, but not brutal, just the right combination to work things out.  If either of you has carried a grudge, put it out there on the table and be willing to play fair while you find a solution.

Sagittarius: You are likely second guessing yourself on a decision you thought was final.  Oops!  No, it isn’t.  Do some research on anything concerning your property.  There may be a better solution if you dig into the options.  Don’t hurry yourself into what could be an expensive venture.

Capricorn:  Mercury is changing directions this week.  This suggests that you will change your mind about something you have been planning.  New information will come to light that causes you to abandon the first plan.  Use caution as you proceed over the next four weeks.  Take your time before you promise.

Aquarius:  Venus enters your sign this week and will be traveling “with you” through most of Jan.  Her presence gives you an air of poise and people will simply like how you look.  Often when Venus is prominent we become more interested in art forms and want to make things in the environment more attractive.  We are also more interested in beautifying ourselves.

Pisces the Fish:  (Feb. 18 — Mar 19)  Mercury entered your sign on Feb. 10, 2019. Its retrograde cycle will roll backward through your sign again.  Then it goes forward and through Pisces one more time.  You will feel better if you avoid pressing yourself into any final decisions at this point.  It will depart Pisces on April 17, 2019.  Focus on what you really want to do next.

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