The Secret To The Easiest Way To Lose Weight Fast!

Dr Leisa

That sparked your interest, didn’t it? Well if I had the secret to losing weight easy and fast, my miracle would be all over the news. This is the hard truth. There is no easy, fast way. Today I’ll be talking about food plans and ways of life. Diets don’t work, and if you don’t change the habits that made you gain the weight, nothing will change. Not for long term, anyway. Of course, once you get into a groove of a food plan, and exercise plan, you feel so good, it becomes easy. Fast, not so much. Healthy weight loss that lasts takes time. The first 5-10 pounds, and more for some, is water weight. It can be thrilling in the beginning of a food plan to see the scale drop quickly. The frustration arises once the real fat loss begins.

What About Keto? Everyone’s “Doing it”.

I hear patients, friends, people in line at the store, on TV, and more talking about how they’re “doing keto”. Keto is short for ketogenics, or the diet that promotes ketosis. This is the process in the body that burns fat as energy. The way to see if your body is burning fat as energy, is to use keto sticks found at the drug store. When your body is in ketosis, it’s burning fat that you eat, and in turn, catalyzing your body fat to be burned as energy. The keto stick changes color according to what level ketosis, (or not )that you are in. Carbohydrates in the form of sugar are not allowed, and most vegetables & most fruit, except some berries in small amounts are not allowed. Today, many are turning the ketogenic program into the old Atkins Diet. The Atkins diet allowed people to eat any kind of fat, as long as they ate enough to promote ketosis. These fats included, unhealthy cheeses, heavy cream, any types of fatty meats, regardless of the chemicals added, and processing methods. Yes, this got folks into ketosis, but it also promoted a very unhealthy lifestyle. To sweeten food, artificial sweeteners were encouraged. This is not how the ketogenic program has been designed to work. Ketogenics works to treat many serious types of diseases, like type 2 diabetes, autism, obesity, and more. Followed properly, keto does not include dairy, processed meats like bacon and others that have nitrates, nitrates, and other chemicals added. Those foods should be organic, or at least as natural as possible. Artificial sweeteners are also not included. So if you’re “doing keto” and are eating these foods, you’re “doing Atkins”. Be careful with this Atkins diet, I do not recommend it. Unless you are treating a serious disease, and under supervision by a medical professional, it is very difficult to live without most fruits and vegetables the rest of your life. Reducing carbohydrate intake is healthy, but it should be done correctly. There’s a great documentary o Netflix called, “The Magic Pill”. It explains this very well.

What About A 30 Day Paleo Challenge?

As you all know by now, I’m a wellness speaker. One of the topics I speak on is, “Eating Right Is Not A 30 Day Challenge. It’s A Lifestyle.” I always wonder what we do on the 31st day, go for pizza? I certainly understand that starting a food plan can be difficult and frustrating. How I help my patients overcome this, is to urge them to make small changes in the beginning. As they start feeling better, they are excited to make more changes. Paleo lifestyle is not just about diet. It’s exactly that. A lifestyle. We do not drink out of plastic or use chemicals on our body. At least whenever possible. Life happens. We also try and work on our stress levels and our exercise. Grains are not consumed because they are inflammatory. Yes you may die from a heart attack, but inflammation caused the heart attack. Our lifestyle is reduced in inflammation as much as possible. Going cold turkey on grains, chemical laden foods and more can be too much for most people. Gluten first, then dairy, then work into other sources of healthier choices. It’s a process that does not have a 30 day deadline. Take your time.

I hope this shed some light on the age old issue that there is no magic wand to lose weight. There is no magic pill either. It takes time, discipline, and the desire to feel and look better. I offer nutritional consultations, and evening classes in my office if you are interested.

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