The United States southern border internal battle

I, like many other Americans, do not blame the people in these caravans for wanting to come to the US. If I lived in one of the countries dominated with tyrannical socialism/communism or fascism I too would seek to come here “if” I could not change my country. It seems however that change should be their first goal. Those who are coming must do it legally according to our laws. No exceptions. Or the same problems could exist here that they are now running from. The problem is obviously too large “not” to do it legally. I also understand they are desperate especially those with families. However, it is our country and therefore our right, or perhaps obligation, of determination of who comes and who does not, certainly not theirs.

Just as President Trump, President Obama, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and countless dozens of others in our government from both sides of the political isle for decades have said, and I paraphrase, without control over our borders and who comes here we are not a sovereign country. Which is absolutely true. Yet these so called democrats in power in the House of Representatives, now, fight a border barrier claiming barriers do not work. The problem there is we have “proof” they do work. When used in conjunction with other means available today. They do this even though they claim to be “for” border security. The same seems true for the Senate. Are they doing this because “they” seek power over we the people in order to install in this country what the people in the caravans are running from? They also have determined if President Trump is successful in securing the border their chances of winning in 2020 are considerably less. Since it has become so blatantly obvious what they are doing and why they are doing it, their obstruction may lead to the same ending result as it would if President Trump succeeds. It however, appears they cannot see that for themselves.

Even though America has been described as an experiment to determine if a people are capable of self rule, it can undoubtedly be determined after over 230 plus years that has been proven over and over. The United States of America, it can be said, is successful beyond anyone’s fondest dreams when under the correct type of leadership. Not someone determined to fundamentally transform it. If this were not true why would so many, from nations all over the world, risk everything they have, including their freedom, and possibly their lives to come here? The experiment has worked in the past and will continue to work in the future if we control our border! It can also be said the less government is involved the better a Constitutional Representative Republic works. That is exactly why the Constitution restricts power within the federal government.

So why are other nations “not” trying to emulate the US throughout the world? The answer to that is simple. Because our system of government (constitution) restricts centralized government power and directs the power to the states and the people. Exactly the opposite of what the socialist, communists and fascist want.

The facts of government are; Governments are inherently corrupt. The more power they have the more power they want. The larger the government the more corrupt they become mostly because it becomes more difficult to manage them effectively and efficiently. Taxes have the same result in government. The more money they spend the more government wants to spend or thinks it has to spend. Federal taxes upon the people mostly grow “centralized government.” It is not true to say taxes are only to assist the people. A rather small portion of the taxes collected actually reach the people. Without growth of government power cannot be so easily usurped from the people. Nothing is difficult to understand about that once the facts are realized.

With that in mind remember socialism and communism have never worked for the people and never will! Therefore, why are some of the democrats now presenting themselves as socialists? Even referring to themselves as “socialist democrats.” Which is, in my opinion, an oxymoron.

Donald (Don) Bitler