American Dream Act AZ

In your February 6th edition the Sonoran News ran an article about the American Dream Act AZ. Below is a copy of my letter the organization that is gathering signatures to put the initiative on the ballot.Very self explanatory.

“Good Morning: The American Dream Arizona is a wonderful idea. But the way you have it worded for an amendment to the Arizona Constitution, “Does nothing for Arizona Seniors!”

It would benefit the movement to look at what other states have done. Most states have a minimum income level that triggers the seniors property to be exempt from property taxes (local, county and state). This income level does not include Social Security or disability income. All other income regardless of where it comes from counts. Less that thirty thousand dollars of income seems to be the average that triggers the property tax exemption. When the senior files for the exemption they must support it with their income tax return. “This system is very fair for all Seniors.”

With the way you have written the American Dream Act Arizona there are no qualifiers as to who will receive the property tax exemption. You leave that up the county assessor, which means one person will decide who gets a property tax exemption. That is not fair to the seniors of the State of Arizona.

A person earning over million dollars may get the exemption and someone who is barely making ends meets may not receive the exemption.

I cannot support your effort, do to the fact it does nothing for Arizona Seniors.

It is nothing more than a feel good amendment to the Arizona Constitution.”

Rich Park
Cave Creek AZ