Herpetological Society needs help to meet codes

The Phoenix Herpetological Society, which provides rescue and rehabilitation of reptiles as well as a wide variety of educational programs, has learned that to continue hosting those programs they need to install sprinkler systems in their buildings. When the structures went up, they sat on unincorporated county land. Since then, the land was annexed in Scottsdale and they must meet the more stringent codes of the city in order to continue having people attend educational programs in their buildings.

A Conditional Use Permit is also being required by the city. Without the CUP, summer camps which attract people from all over the country could not be held and PHS would have to greatly limit the number of people on their campus. PHS has also had to hire legal representation to help them through this process.

The cost to put in interior sprinklers is over $100,000 and legal costs are about $50,000. An appeal is being made to the public for donations to help PHS over this hurdle. The Phoenix Herpetological Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and includes a surrender facility, education programs, summer camps, and rescue and rehabilitation. For more information go to www.phoenixherp.com.