Smile makeover by replacing old and ugly crowns

SCOTTSDALE – We all have a crown or two in the mouth we got at some point in life. If it is done well and if we eat right and don’t bathe these crowns in carbonated and sweet beverages on a daily basis, they last a long time. But if carbonated beverages and sweets are part of our daily consumption, the chances of acid breakdown of the tooth structure holding these crowns are very high and decay and leakage under these crowns becomes a common finding during dental exams. This explains the significance of dental exams and x-rays if you already had previous dental work or you eat a decay-prone diet.

Old crowns, when they start to leak, develop a brownish discoloration of crown margins and if these crowns happen to be in the front teeth, the once-pretty smile starts to become unattractive and ugly. Also, older style crowns had metal skeletons to support the porcelain that gives a gray color to the teeth. This along with gum recession really takes away the beauty of one’s smile.

Newer crowns are made of white substructure and they are all porcelain. When done correctly by a dentist and a good lab has been used for its fabrication the results are dramatic. Being a prosthodontist who specializes in crown/bridge and esthetic smile makeovers, Dr. Devi frequently sees patients who hardly smile because they are ashamed of their smile, however, they turn around to be very confident, happy people (always smiling) once the smile is fixed. The change of crowns from old to new can be done extremely painlessly with the latest crown removing tools and techniques and a smile is restored with the latest beautiful crown materials. “Results are very rewarding for me and my patients,” she said. Patients are surprised to see how the smile changes even in the very first appointment and comment, “This really looks a thousand times better! They cannot wait for the day I deliver the final crowns.” Waiting with old, leaky crowns and an unattractive smile can only cause more decay of tooth structure that we really need to do new crowns on them. So, if considering improving your smile, see Shreedevi Thulasidas, DDS.MS.FICOI. of Smile Design Specialists for a free consult. You won’t be disappointed! “I offer oral sedation that takes you to another level of comfort to make the whole process painless and pleasant,” she assured.

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