Please step aside

I am very disappointed that Jonathan Lines is running for a second term as Chairman of the AZ GOP. After the shellacking that the Republican Party took under his leadership in the last election, I would have thought Jonathan would have gracefully stepped aside for new leadership.   Under his leadership the AZ GOP lost one U.S. Senate Seat, and two US Congressional Seats, turning Arizona’s U.S. Congressional Delegation from “Red” to “Blue.” Under Lines’ leadership, Arizona lost 40% of the State’s executive offices that Republicans held prior to the elections. We were less than 3,000 votes from losing the AZ State House and from Arizona becoming a “Blue” State!!!

Under Lines, all of the Maricopa County’s primary election irregularities went unchallenged, only to have them resurface in the general election.  A true leader would have known when and how to fight Adrian Fontes (Maricopa County Recorder); Lines did nothing. 

Under Lines, Arizona went from a “Red” state to a “Purple” state, and if Lines is elected again, Arizona will go “Blue” in 2020. Going into this Presidential election cycle and knowing that we have a special election for McSally’s current Senate seat, Arizona and the Nation cannot afford to have Lines at the AZ GOP helm. Jonathan, please do what is best for our party, do not make this about yourself.  Please step aside for new Republican leadership; Arizona and our Nation deserves new Republican leadership. 

Dr. Bob Branch