Old West murder rate

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For a few months in 1996, Harley-Davidson made available their very own brand of men’s cologne. I do not know if the special fragrances were retailed at various bike dealers or high-end perfume “shoppes” or gas stations or what. One aromatic blend called “Cool Spirit” was described “… a manly fragrance that will start your day just the right way.” Flasks of the H-D colognes were said to appear as if they might contain some sort of fuel additive.

During part of WWII, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers combined to form a team known as the “Steagles.” There appears to be no truth to the rumor that the Forty-Niners and Browns planned to merge and become the Frowns. Neither had the Colts and Ravens schemed to make up the newly created Cravens. The Steagles event really did occur.

The first image of a woman to appear on a U.S. coin was a likeness of Queen Isabella of Spain. The coin was a specially minted quarter (1893).

Spaniard Vasco de Balboa was credited with discovering the Pacific Ocean in 1513. In 1519, he was beheaded for treason. Francisco Pizarro was a young Spanish captain that had accompanied Balboa. Pizarro later led an army that conquered the Peruvian Empire (1533). In 1541 rebellious Spaniards assassinated Francisco. Apparently, it was difficult for Spanish Conquistadores to keep fellow countrymen happy.

Near Mt. Boutmezguida (Morocco), a simple and effective device has been erected that supplies fresh water directly to more than 70 homes. Close to the very arid Sahara, a mist/fog-collecting system named Aqualonis Cloudfisher (it resembles a cyclone fence covered by a lattice-like screen) exposes almost 1700 square meters of moisture-collecting mesh. It uses gravity to transport water along a 16 mile pipeline. Approximately 800 people receive potable water from this apparatus. Groups of scientists and environmentalists are openly enthusiastic about the early successes of the moisture collector. Similar structures are in the planning, budgeting stages for targeted sites.

Some regions of the “Old West” were indeed dangerous places. From 1850 through 1880, data indicates that homicides occurred at a rate of approximately 300 per 100,000 people residing in the mining and business regions of California. Across the lower 48 in 2017, the homicide rate was 5 per 100,000. In other words, that particular Old West murder rate was 60 times that of contemporary U.S.A. Well, apply your Harley-Davidson smell-goodies sparingly. I am told the fragrances are no longer freshly bottled (canned?). Have a great day.