December 26, 2018

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The Years 2019—2020:  Karma’s Playground

The subject at hand is “Karma”, defined in this article as the outcome of previous choices and behaviors.   Although Karma is often used in the context of the belief in reincarnation, I am maintaining a boundary of the most recent thirty or forty years.  Karma can be experienced as reward or punishment, depending upon how we have chosen to offer our energies to the world in recent times.  It can be corporate, global, or very personal.  Karmic energies affect us at many levels via personal health and relationships, career developments, social and political dynamics.  Our value systems are up for evaluation and judgment in every arena. 

Saturn in Capricorn

On Dec. 19, 2017, Saturn rolled into Capricorn for a three-year sojourn.  Saturn, the Teacher within us, is now in the sign of corporations, politics, and business.  Whenever Saturn changes signs, there are multiple changes in the world and the laws we must abide to get along in society.  Saturn in Capricorn can be hard-nosed indeed.  It rewards those who benefit the world and punishes those who have not demonstrated the lessons of social and corporate give-and-take.

Saturn and Pluto together in Capricorn

Pluto is the original god of the underworld and represents transformation of both individuals and corporate bodies.  It also is a symbol of Raw Power, such as that which drives destructive storms.  Saturn began to make challenging aspects to Pluto in Feb. 2016.  These formidable aspects are steadily increasing toward a crescendo in the first quarter of 2020.  Pluto demands the absolute Truth and Saturn is the Judge

This pair, as all planets, has both positive and negative sides.  On the bright side we have work which is both hard and transforming.  On the darker side, we see those who have claimed demigod status and are mean, even vicious, to others. The dark side is criminal in an ongoing way.  On the personal level, it requires that we work hard to hold onto personal power in the face of circumstances that are not at all conducive to our use of it.  Be creative.  When this is over, the winners will be those who have managed to maintain their social values throughout the period and still contribute favorably to the collective.

There likely will be much more crumbling in the economic systems worldwide throughout this period.   Making this statement is not likely to “win friends and influence people,” but I hope my readers will take this warning and pay off creditors.  Those with a little bit of power are likely to exploit it well beyond what it is worth.  We don’t want others to have financial control over us.

Failing infrastructures that have just “held together” in the past few years will be letting go of their tenuous hold.  For the next two years there likely will be “surprise” accidents in water, sewer, roads, bridges, and anything else considered infrastructure.  That which has been built with foresight to weather challenging events will become apparent and serve as a guide to future development.  We have already seen examples of this by observing what structures remain in the aftermath of hurricanes and fires.

The more personal message is that one or more structures that we have built into our lives are crumbling.  This is the third of four years to correct the problem.  Maybe that structure or plan needs to go.  Perhaps it has been impeding us from moving forward.  It is possible that this process began in 2016.  If it continues to have value in your life, much effort and probably considerable money will be required to repair and restore damage.  Consider allowing the disintegrating structure to transform into an updated version of itself. 


During 2019 and the beginning of 2020 the eclipses will occur in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn.  These are opposing signs which represent caretaking/mothering versus world building.  On the basic level of human existence the polarity is family/caring relationships versus work and making a living.  Many of us will be dealing with the desire to earn resources while doing something that we love.  That which we value and hold dear will surface in our hearts and demand to be manifested with greater emphasis in our lives.

The eclipse seasons in 2019 will occur in January and July.  It is at these times the consequences of our past actions will be revealed, for good or ill.  This actually may occur periodically throughout the year, but eclipses tend to punctuate events with surprising clarity.  We will become aware of what is not working to the good.  That will require revision and change.  We may also be rewarded with unexpected favors and applause.

Though it may be tempting to focus attention on the dark Karma, we need to be realistic and do what we can to interfere with it.  Beyond that, we need to shoot for making improvements in areas that we can control.  For most of us, we can concentrate on managing outcomes that achieve positive results.  Hold onto a basic “love of people” ethic, in spite of what we may see.  Refuse to play to the lowest common denominator.