Free can of pork & beans

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From the continent of Africa: During the “Fly Season” (lasts about eleven months each year), both Zulu and Tsonga tribes often space vertical sticks at several locations inside their homes. The intended purpose is to facilitate spiders in web construction. The tribal efforts appear to be significantly effective as more than half of the home-invading insects usually become entangled morsels awaiting hungry arachnids.

A strange verbal curse making the rounds in 16th century Britain: “May unkind hedgehogs “soil” (euphemism substituted here) in your porridge.”

Redwood trees do grow in eastern regions of North America. The eastern redwoods seldom exceed 100 feet in height while some of California’s towering giants have topped 300 feet while still growing.

Off the southern tip of Africa, one can find the Agulhas Bank. I mention this natural phenomenon because it is here that billions of sardines thrive. Clever dolphins gather into pods that often exceed 1,000 in number. They then herd the sardines into thick roiling masses. The congregated predators spend months pursuing easily devoured prey. It is the norm for each adult dolphin to consume approximately one-half its body weight every seven days during the seasonal feeding frenzy.

Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge was completed in 1937. From 1937 thru 2017, at least 1700 people had jumped from that bridge. The fatality rate has been steady at about 97%. Several strategies have been implemented to prevent the recurrence of those woeful leaps, but none have thus far proven to be effective.

Ornithologists claim that it is rare that a bird of any species will sleep while sitting on a nest that contains eggs.

Professional athletes can sometimes perform physical feats that are well beyond the capabilities of normal humans. Then on the other hand … I should point out that Hall of Fame baseball player Wade Boggs crippled himself one mid-season while trying to remove his cowboy boots. Not to be outdone, Toronto Blue Jay Glenallen Hill shattered a glass-topped table and fell down a flight of stairs, sustaining numerous bruises and lacerations that caused him to be placed on the “15-Day Disabled List.” Hill explained to his manager that he was running in his sleep to escape imaginary spiders.

I do not know whether this sales tactic worked, but the newspaper advertisement read “Free can of Pork & Beans with the purchase of 3 bedroom home. Two baths.” I suppose those must have been truly fine P & B’s. Have a great day.

James White is a retired mathematics teacher who enjoys sharing fascinating trivia. He can be reached at