My 5 Tips to have better digestive health this holiday season

Dr Leisa

First of all, this is a process. Everything takes time to change how your gut reacts to food. If you follow my tips, you can make some simple changes that can make a big difference in how you feel when you eat, just in time for your favorite Holiday foods.

Many doctors and health professionals will recommend you avoid alcohol and sweets. This is the holidays. Let’s be real, and know that chances are, you’re not going to avoid these. Unless you have an active ulcer or other serious digestive disorder, there may be ways to have fun eating and enjoying some spirits without the pain and discomfort you usually feel this time of year. By the way, if you have an active ulcer or other serious digestive disorder, I have a suggestion for a mulled wine flavored tea that may help you get through the season alcohol free while still enjoying the flavors of the season! Please consult with me for that information.

So How Can I Have Better Digestive Health While I Eat What I Want This Holiday Season?

Tip# 1 Medical Grade digestive enzymes and probiotics are important to help digest food the right way, and support healthy digestion. This ensures that the food has been broken down properly for good digestion. If this doesn’t happen, pain and bloating can happen. The medical grade digestive enzymes and probiotics I work with, perform together to ensure your digestive process works properly. It also allows optimum absorption of nutrients in your gut. This is not a “cookie cutter” treatment. It requires a detailed intake of your history to accurately recommend the correct protocol.

Tip #2 Don’t drink beverages with your meals. Drinking water and other beverages while you eat actually affect the pH of the acids in your stomach that break down the food. This can cause gas and bloating after eating. Drink fluids 20-30 minutes before and after eating.
Tip #3 Drink 32 oz of water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning to rehydrate your colon. This is especially important if your suffer from constipation. If you suffer from heartburn or GERD, add 1/3 of lemon or ½ of lime in the water. This will reset your gut pH for the acid issues.

Tip #4 Be sure and get a healthy depth and amount of sleep. I have written articles on this before, and you can go back and read them. The lack of the right type of sleep as well as the right number of hours of sleep have been linked to many diseases. Some are which are digestive disorders.

Accurate testing of sleep patterns and testing of adrenal glands, thyroid, and more, can help me guide you to the right therapy for healthy sleep. This will most likely help your digestion as well.
Tip #5 Try and choose gluten free options as much as possible. Gluten affects digestion, and is a major cause of GERD. For many who suffer from GERD, gluten is off the list. Today there are many gluten free options for pretty much any type of food that is out there. Dairy is also a common issue with digestion, and once again, there are many dairy free options out there today.

Holiday family recipes are important, as is better digestive health this holiday season. We all cheat. We’re human. If you’re going to cheat, just make it worthwhile. I also offer specific enzymes for gluten cheat meals, and work with my patients to practice balance. Now that the holidays are here, it helps to plan cheat meals ahead. This may minimize their damage and discomfort.

I’m available for complementary consultation regarding digestive disorders. Please mention this article.

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