According to PVT South

A funny thing happened on the way to the polls, I was so convinced that the Republican would keep both houses of Congress I even bet a Franklin on the out come. OK I lost, so color me confused. In two years President Trump was doing such a good job of making America great again and for some reason some voters just couldn’t stand it. Just because he helped to create more jobs then ever before with less taxation, a strong military and cheaper gasoline prices, it really makes you wonder. The younger generation that supported Queen Hillary and crazy Bernie still believes in Santa Claus, so everything has to be free-free-free.

What happened in Arizona? McCain was a Fighter pilot that was shot down in Vietnam and was a POW Hero. He later became a US Senator for Arizona until he passed away this year. Now we have a former female Fighter pilot that ran for his seat , that was well qualified , but she was shot down by the voters because she did not support our President Trump. ( She missed the train on Politics 101).

The California wild fires are finally out and no thanks to the environmentalist that loves the country side very pristine. Many folks have been left homeless because of the wide spread destruction and if that is not bad enough, many more thousand so called refugees on the Mexican side of the border are trying to get into the United States. (Make no mistake.) This is a well organize invasion that has Obama and the Democratic Party written all over it. (Just think, more Democratic voters). Question…….Will they get in? Will some people get shot or killed on either side of the border? Dearly beloved, it will take more than tear gas and razor wire to stop them. (And don’t forget the tunnels).

PVT South is back from Florida and would like to do an end of the month Review. With Chuck , Nancy and Maxine in charge – keeping your powder dry will not be easy.

PVT South