School zone safety data unveils alarming information

With the release of a new school zone safety report, parents throughout Arizona and all of the United States are taking note of the results.

The report showed that Arizona ranks towards the bottom at the school zone safety category, with Maricopa County being listed as the worst in the state.

Based in California, Zendrive collected data on distracted drivers, along with those that speed and make aggressive or sudden starts and stop on the road. The information was pulled anonymously from a number of cell phone apps.

A majority of schools throughout the country scored a “C” or worse.

For school-aged children in the U.S., traffic crashes are the leading cause in death with the peak hours for those accidents having been either just before or after school.

The results were used to create an interactive map by Zendrive, which will allow visitors to view specific schools, counties and states that were surveyed. The map also analyzes each school zone’s top driving offenses.

Zendrive created an interactive map of the results so you can see specific states, counties and schools. It also breaks down what the leading driving offenses are in each school zone.

As a result of the data findings, Zendrive is offering $50,000 safety improvement grants to school districts.

Those interested in applying for a grant can submit a proposal for how school safety could be improved. The deadline for the campaign is December 10.