Keep up the good work

Mr. Sorchych,

My brother, who has lived in Cave Creek a long time, sends me a copy of the Sonoran News a couple of times a year – and I am impressed with your opinions page.

Your articles are just what I think the majority of Americans are thinking!

That is what president Trump elected!

I was very much involved in our county Tea Party before the 2016 election and I believe, even though we lost the House but gained in the Senate, which is a stop-gap for anything the House tries to do, the wave that elected president Trump is still out here and working to elect him again in 2020.

We need publications like yours to counter-balance the Left’s outright unamerican desire to stop our president, who is trying to save our country. I hate to think of what will happen if he is not elected in 2020. Thanks again for your paper!

Keep up the good work!

Roger Bogenschutz
A Michigan admirer