Invasion, USA

Western Europe has been invaded by a horde of Islamists, nearly 100% of whom are males of military age. Western Europe is dead, but it is not aware of it, and does not have the common sense to lie down and “git ‘er done.”

The USA is being threatened by a horde of disease-ridden males of military age, massing at our southern border. They bring scabies, cholera, Hansen’s disease (euphemism for leprosy) Chagas disease, typhus, an untreatable strain of TB, measles and STDs (the sexual predators prefer young children). There are not enough law-enforcement officers and military troops available to halt the incursion, except for the Armed American Citizen. Our troops are dying in the Middle East, protecting Big Oil’s interests, while they should be here protecting our borders.

An apocryphal account reads that Fleet Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto counseled Emperor Hirohito to refrain from invading the US mainland, because”(B)ehind every blade of grass, there is an American with a rifle.” The concept is still valid: the American Rifleman is willing and able to defend the Republic against foreign invasion. It worked in 1776, and it will work again. Let Californica welcome the invader if it wishes. After all, the invasion should provide more voting Entitlementarian Gimmegrants. However, we Zonies will back up our USBP and military forces on the border.

The Romans had a motto: Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori (It is sweet and proper to die for the fatherland). I’m ready!

J-P. A. Maldonado