Why am I tired all the time?

Dr Leisa

There can be many reasons for people to be tired. It’s so common these days, that there is an acronym for it. TATT. It stands for Tired All The Time. Many say they’re sleeping enough hours. I find in my practice, that many are not sleeping deeply enough. I’ve written an article on my tips for sleeping better, but sleep is not the only reason for tired all the time. I’ll discuss some reasons other than sleep that may be causing your fatigue

Is fatigue more common in men or women?

More commonly, women feel more tired than men.

In many cases, it can be linked to something benign like mood or stress. However, in my office, I find ordering blood work to look for thyroid issues, anemia , diabetes, and others first. I will also look at adrenal function, cortisol levels, and others. I cannot assume that stress and mood is the cause of fatigue in men or women. Once I see the results of the bloodwork, I’m able to see a trend in hormone levels and others that may cause fatigue. Once the trend or cause is found, I’m able to support the body with acupuncture and specific supplements to work properly, and energy levels increase.

Can food allergies make me tired?

Some food allergies or intolerances can also release chemicals that cause you to feel tired. They can also give you heart palpitations, and other symptoms. This is a major condition that is underdiagnosed. I recommend patients explain their symptoms in their initial history with me, as well as getting specific blood work done to break down the exact type of food allergy they may have. We all know gluten is harmful to us, but specific blood work can explain exactly what type of gluten sensitivity you have. Fatigue is common with some types of gluten sensitivity. Of course gluten isn’t the only food sensitivity that can cause fatigue, so a detailed history and or bloodwork needs to be done. Being overweight will cause fatigue. Not only because of your weight, but any food sensitivities that may cause the excess weight.

What psychological conditions can cause fatigue?

Anxiety and depression are 2 major causes of feeling tired. Stress is another condition that can cause major fatigue. The issue arises when the causes of theses conditions are not addressed. I’ve written an article on stress and the serious medical conditions that may arise from chronic stress. There are other psychological conditions that may cause fatigue. In many cases, medications that treat the mental conditions can also cause fatigue as a side effect, especially antidepressants. Some emotions and emotional changes may also cause fatigue.

What am I doing during the day that causes fatigue?

Some dietary choices like caffeine intake, sugar intake, increased carbohydrates, artificial colors and sweeteners, to name a few, may cause fatigue. Caffeine can help us to get some quick energy, but if you overdo it, you can crash later with severe fatigue. Now that the holidays are here, increased sugar and other carbohydrate intake will also cause a crash in energy levels. Artificial food additives can cause a myriad of health conditions, from increased heart rate and restlessness to severe fatigue. Avoid them at all costs.

This article covered a few reasons you may be feeling more tired here in Phoenix, regardless of our beautiful weather and outdoor activities to keep us healthy and energetic. I hope it helps. If you or someone you know feels tired all the time, please call my office for a complimentary consultation to see if I can help. There are many more causes of fatigue I can review with you, just call for your consult.

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