Our Constitutional Republic at Risk

In order to understand how all this corruption in the government came about we must remember what happened in the eight years following the Obama campaign and election. I include the campaign because we must remember what promises Obama made to secure the presidency in order to have a complete picture. Most of the campaign promises never materialized or followed through on but that fact is not important. Those promises are what got him elected to start with. Keeping in mind eight years is a lot of time to put such a plan to take over this nation in place Everything and I mean everything was geared throughout his eight years in office toward that promised but unexplained fundamental transformation. Even though few asked for it, even fewer understood it and possibly none would accept it at least peacefully if they did understand it.

Although all the current corruption did not start because of Obama and it has/had been going on for many years, if not decades. It was thought by the powers within the so called democrats party Obama was the one who could finalize it. Bring it to a successful conclusion.

The police force he promised was necessary because that promised fundamental transformation was going to take force to put in place. That leads us to believe this coup d’etat was both organized and planned. Perhaps not planned very well but planned nonetheless.

Perhaps no one cares to remember but it is time they did! Obama promised a fundamental transformation. Everyone of his supporters cheered wildly not even knowing what it was he was promising or what they were cheering for. He never bothered to explain that transformation! So everyone of his supporters applied their own explanation and therefore everyone was happy including the main stream media with his promise. Then, in the next breath, he promised “a federal police force just as well funded, trained and equipped as the US Military.” His words not mine. They all cheered wildly again. Little did they know the police force was already in place they just had to be “transformed” into an agency with loyalties to Obama and the so called democrat party rather than our Constitutional Republic. Only it was not just the FBI it was also the NSA and CIA. Only the top echelon really had to be transformed or replaced to accomplish the goal. We can, at this point, see that “DID” take place. That democrat party however, had been nearly completely and totally transformed into a socialist/communist party in previous decades without any kind of loyalties to the Constitution or the free enterprise engine driving it. Some so called democrats even supporting socialism/communism without knowing exactly what it was they were supporting. Their attitude seemed to be if Obama said it it must be good. That is still the case! The party however, remains dedicated to socialism/communism and the overthrow of this Constitutional Republic to this day even though Barack Obama is no longer in office. Of course the main stream media is also a key player. The remains of that effort is in essence this deep state in which, to some degree at least, Obama and Clinton still give orders and are obeyed. Many bragging socialists/communists have won primaries in the democrats party and are running in the general election.

In order for all these communist or communist sympathizers to be routed out they must first be identified and that is going to be nearly impossible in a short period of time. Mostly due to the stonewalling of information currently happening in nearly every agency. We can see that now. Even if President Donald J Trump is reelected for another four years it may very well be impossible to accomplish such a feat in such a short period of time. Unless congress begins to act passing laws supporting constitutional oversight that these agencies must obey or some sort of punishment takes place against them. It may take another president with the same ambition, savvy and gumption as the current president. There may only be one man for that job and that would be now Vice President Pence. He, so to speak, is now undergoing his apprenticeship under the direction of President Donald J Trump. Keep in mind however, if a so called democrat gets back into the executive branch in 2020 or 2024 it could be all, or most all, of this effort is lost. It could then take a civil uprising to squelch this coup d’etat. It is not just President Trump it is America that is the target of this planned and organized take over. President Trump is just in the way right now. We must remember that. Especially next November 6. Please vote. Our Constitutional Republic may very well be at risk!

Donald (Don) Bitler
55 plus year Arizona resident