“Ode to a Saguaro”

I have a poem, actually it’s called an “Ode to a Saguaro” which was written many, many years ago by someone in Cave Creek.  It was so beautiful that I had to copy it and I have it show placed in a beautiful spot in my home.

I would like to see it published once again for those who adore the desert and its beauty:

“You are dying my friend, and my heart aches to have you leave.  As I stand here tonight, I reflect on the fullness of your life and pray that mine could mean so much – to so many.

For two hundred plus years you have stood for all to admire, but more than that, you have sown the worth of your life by providing shelter to the many, many birds who have nested in your arms; following your beautiful blossoms, heralding the coming of summer, you have given of your fruit to those in need; and you have fed the souls of man with your beauty and strength as he stood and looked skyward towards your crown.

Even tonight, though you have lost some of your limbs, you stand silhouetted against the sunset with two arms, stretched upward, still showing strength to this poor mortal.  Pray God I had one portion of this strength and beauty, not of body but of soul.

Slightly southward stands a “youngster” perhaps fifty years old, a grandson we humans would say.  May this young saguaro observe the grace and grandeur of your passing, and, having watched you throughout his youth, carry on for future generations with the same watchfulness and caring, always being there to offer shelter and food to those in need, and especially with his stance feed and bring peace to the souls of the weary and troubled.”

Jane B.