October 31 – Nov 6

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Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs:  Relationship(s) have not had favorable aspects all month.  This week there is available help.  The Sun (authority) is in a position to assist in compromise and/or mutual understanding.  If you have a relationship challenge, it may help to take the issue to a third party, one who is respected by both of you.  This person could be a counselor, lawyer, negotiator, or someone who is a wise and trusted friend.

Aries:  You have more energy than you know how to manage this week.  Use caution when driving because your accelerator foot is probably a bit heavy.  Pour that muscle into making improvements in your environment and the neighborhood.  Be aware of your tendency to overwhelm others now.

Taurus:  Many of you may be experiencing the need for medical attention.  If this is not so, do not worry.  For some the health focus is more related to improving diet and exercise.  You may be hearing the Inner Critic and trying to keep up with its demands.  Let it go.  It catastrophizes everything.

Gemini:  This week Mercury moves into Sagittarius and takes you into the land of important “others” in your life.  You will be spending quite a long time there, until Dec. 1, 2018.  Now is the time to learn lessons about how to be in relationships.  If you owe any apologies get them ready now.

Cancer:  You are in a reasonably good place with yourself at this time.  Your heart and mind are flowing together.  You have no conflict between your feelings and your thoughts about those feelings.  This is a time for reflection on important subjects.  You can make good decisions now.

Leo:  During the next two weeks you will be contemplating your existence.  You are thinking about how you can position yourself in order to feel more sense of meaning in your work, your family, and your relationships.  Some may be pondering on the level of the spiritual.  “What is the ‘best’ that I can become?

Virgo:  Mercury, your planetary avatar, moves into the territory of home, hearth, and family.  It will be there, making a retrograde loop before it leaves on Dec. 1, 2018.  Things of the past may float up in your mind for reflection.  If this occurs, ask yourself what you learned from the experience.  It probably would help you now.  Family concerns may occupy your attention.

Libra: Venus, your ruling planet, is retrograding back into your sign, where it will remain through November.  This is a time in which you may be unsure of where you want to direct your energies.  Consider your past history.  If you could take today’s perspective and advise the person you were in years past, what counsel would you give?

Scorpio the Phoenix:  (Oct. 23 — Nov 20)  You need to get out and about this week.  Restlessness and high energy want you to keep on moving, whatever else you may do.

Work with those who share your rhythm this week, or you may say things that you’ll wish you had not.  We each have our own drumbeat and yours is unusual this week.

Sagittarius:  Mercury travels slowly through your sign between now and Dec. 1, 2018.  It will be going through its retrograde cycle before it moves along.  Take care with any decision of importance because you likely will find reason to change your mind.  New information keeps popping up to muddy the works.  This is normal with Mercury retrogrades.  Do not beat yourself because you can’t seem to move forward.

Capricorn:  You may need to concentrate to avoid critics, whether they be internal or external.  Instead of accepting blame or guilt, use the energy to make improvements wherever they are needed. Avoid contracts and business negotiations for a week or so because misunderstandings may develop.

Aquarius:  You may need to concentrate in order to avoid critics, whether they be internal or external.  Instead of blame, use the discipline to tackle a project that requires concentration.  It is best to avoid promises and contracts right now because you may need to renege later.

Pisces:  Communication with those from a distance will be favorable and supportive to your soul self.  The time is auspicious for activities related to travel, the internet, publishing, teaching, higher education, and the law.  You have a poetic turn of mind at this time.  You likely will enjoy reading spiritual or philosophical material

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