2018 Election picks


Don Sorchych, my view(Judges with an * in front are Ducey appointees for whom I can find little info). The candidates with “NRA” have been endorsed by the NRA.

2018 Election Picks:

United States Senator
Martha McSally NRA
U.S. Rep. In Congress Dist. 8
David Schweikert
Doug Ducey NRA
State Senator Dist. 1
Karen Fann NRA
State Rep. Dist. 1
Noel Campbell NRA
David Stringer NRA
Secretary of State
Steve Gaynor NRA
Attorney General
Mark Brnovich NRA
State Treasurer
Kimberly Yee
Superintendent Public Instruction
Frank Riggs
State Mine Inspector
Joe Hart
Corporation Commissioner
Justin Olson
Rodney Glassman
Although Glassman (running as Republican) has proven himself locally to be someone we do not want working on our behalf, he is the best candidate of the three Democrats, if he keeps his word.
Clerk of Superior Court
Jeff Fine
Cent. AZ Water Conservation District
Lisa A. Atkins
Jim Ballinger
Alan Dulaney
Heather Macre
Jennifer Martin
Maricopa County Community College At-Large
Kathleen Ann Winn
Cave Creek Unified #93
Scott Brown
Beth Hatcher
Join EVIT Career Tech. District
Although the goal is worthy, the cost of expanding the EVIT programs to offer them within CCUSD translates into over-reaching expenditures.
Justice of the Supreme Court
Clint Bolick Yes
John Pelander, III Yes
Court of Appeals, Division 1
*Peter Swann
Judges of the Superior Court
Arthur T. Anderson Yes
Brad H. Astrowsky Yes
*Alison S. Bachus
Cynthia J. Bailey Yes
Janet E. Barton Yes
Dawn Bergin Yes
*Michael C. Blair
Mark H. Brain No
Roger E. Brodman Yes
Theodore Campagnolo Yes
*Gregory S. Como
Katherine “Kay” Cooper No
Janice K. Crawford No
*Kristin R. Culbertson
David O. Cunanan Yes
Sally Schneider Duncan No
Dean M. Fink Yes
Geoffrey H. Fish No
George H. Foster No
Dewain D. Fox No
Warren J. Granville Yes
Jennifer E. Green Yes
Michael J. Herrod Yes
*Stephen M. Hopkins
Joseph C. Kreamer No
*Kerstin G. LeMaire
Daniel G. Martin No
Frank W. Moskowitz Yes
Rosa Mroz Yes
Sam J. Myers No
Karen L. O’Connor Yes
*Erin O. Otis
Suzanna C. Pineda Yes
Jay M. Polk Yes
John Christian Rea No
*Laura M. Reckart
*Joshua D. Rogers
*Jeffrey A. Rueter
*Jennifer C. Ryan-Touhill
Joan M. Sinclair Yes
James D. Smith No
*Ronee Korbin Steiner
*Howard D. Sukenic
Pamela Hearn Svoboda No
Danielle J. Viola No
Randall H. Warner Yes
Joseph C. Welty
*Roy Charles Whitehead

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Prop 126
Prop 127
Prop 305
Prop 306