Proposition 305

“This year, we witnessed public outcry unlike anything in recent memory when public-education advocates stormed the capitol, demanding better wages and conditions in our public schools. As a result, our elected officials made progress towards undoing budget cuts and funding freezes that have paralyzed our schools for a decade.

Proposition 305, the universal expansion of school vouchers, could not come at a worse time. In the midst of what can only be described as a financial crisis in our public school system that we have just begun to address, Proposition 305 aims to take even more money out of an account that’s already overdrawn. Everyone knows you don’t buy a more expensive house if you can’t afford your current mortgage. The taxpayers of Arizona simply can’t afford to fund both a public and private school system for our children.

Vouchers take badly-needed revenue from neighborhood schools and proven programs and give it away with no oversight and no way to measure results. Vote NO on Proposition 305 and keep our taxpayer dollars where we can see them: in our public school classrooms.”

Timothy Ogle, Ph.D., with Friends of ASBA