Has the VA changed?

What has changed at the VA? From where I sit as a veteran who uses the VA nothing has changed. After the Phoenix VA death lists and folks waiting for service so long they died, no one was fired or held accountable. So as elections approach, I am looking to learn who can actually do something to address the issue and what have they done. As an Independent, all I care about is my issue of care for our veterans.

Our current Congressman Tom O’Halleran says all the right things. But I would like all of you to look for yourself to see what little he has done. Has he proposed a bill to fix the VA, NO. Has he attempted to hold anyone responsible at the VA, NO.
Can any of you even name one bill he has put forward much less gotten passes? No.

Aside from being a dogmatic party hack, and voting the party line I see nothing to recommend Tom O’Halleran. I ask you why we settle for politicians and don’t insist on Statesmen?  For O’Halleran to run for office as a Republican, an Independent and a Democrat all in 10 years or lessis enough to give me pause. But when he finally gets in office what did he do other then vote his “current” party line? Nothing.

Sending letters and saying someone else should look into something or do something is not DOING anything yourself.

I am calling on my fellow Independents to help send a message to all the party hacks. Do your own research and Vote Tuesday the 6th November.

Drake Mitchell
Sedona, AZ