The diminutive dazzling Dendrobatidae

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– You have likely been wondering about PTFE. I initially thought PTFE must be in reference to a Pete Townshend/Friedrich Engels composition. Townshend is the lead guitarist for THE WHO (rock group) and Mr. Engels was a German philosopher who had ideas and wrote a book. However, research has revealed that PTFE can be short for polytetrafluoroethylene. Hope this helps.

– On today’s market, one can find a Nine-Speed E-bike that is built to be both people-powered and electric-motor-powered. The vehicle is said to be comfortable to ride and easy to pedal. Two bits of information that potential consumers might find useful: the bikes are not approved for Tour de France competition and prices start at $3,000. For now, I shall stick with my $25 garage sale Western Flyer.

– I spent many hours joyfully watching Clayton Moore on TV when he starred as the Lone Ranger. The saddle Mr. Moore rode while filming that series recently sold for $130,000. The shows were originally aired 1949-1957. Two different horses portrayed the white stallion “Silver.” The first Silver was primarily of Tennessee Walking Horse lineage and stood just over 17 hands tall. The second Silver was descended from Arabian bloodlines. The same saddle was used on both beautiful animals. Hi-Yo.

– Some of the deadliest animals living in South American jungles are colorful poison dart frogs. More than one person has died subsequent to curiously picking up a specimen of the diminutive dazzling Dendrobatidae. The frogs transfer their poisons to victims by direct contact. No fangs are involved. A single member of the special two-inch long amphibian group can transmit enough toxins to kill ten grown men. I do try to avoid being judgmental, but if I were the ninth man in line and had been observant, I think I would not pick up any dart frogs. Just saying.

– Entomologists occasionally witness the darnedest episodes while observing insect realms. For instance, one patient scientist has ascertained that the larva of the Great Copper Butterfly is capable of secreting aromatic fluids which often attract various species of ants.  No one seems to know why, but certain ants seek out the oozing caterpillars and will spend hours protecting the green critters from predators and parasites. On occasion, I could have benefitted from the protective services provided by guardian ants. Or guardian somethings. Well, be cautious when petting pretty frogs and — have a great day.

James White is a retired mathematics teacher who enjoys sharing fascinating trivia. He can be reached at