October 10—16, 2018


For All Signs:  Venus, goddess of love, began a retrograde cycle on Oct. 5.  This week she slams right into a square with Mars.  (“Men are from Mars, Women from Venus”.)  Many of us will be pressured to encounter ourselves and our personal behavior within the framework of our relationships.  Those in shaky attachments may withdraw altogether.  Dormant issues may resurface for attention.  We tend to “go back” to previous relationships or to re-experience former behavior patterns in the present situation.  During Venus’ retrograding periods we are called to wake up to any unconscious saboteurs that interfere with our ability to care for others.  It’s time to upgrade our relationship performance and grow in maturity.  Your partner is reflecting your unconscious side.  If you are unhappy, look in the mirror for the culprit.

Aries:   A new friendship or association that began last year may be costing you much more than it is worth.  Consider what is required from you to maintain this relationship.  If it is indeed worth the trouble, then accept that fact and move forward to better times.  However, if it is not, then you may consider cutting that tie.

Taurus:  There seems to be a conflict between your need for a partner and your need to maintain your life direction.   The louder voice comes from career at present.  Try to negotiate a “treat” for your partner that you can fulfill in the weeks to come.  This could help put the tension at ease.

Gemini:  Focus your attention on new habits that will support your physical body and strengthen your mind.  Meditation and yoga would be excellent methods.  It is possible that your usual self-care routine will be disturbed for a time.  Don’t give up.  This is temporary.

Cancer:  At present your rational mind tells you one set of facts while the heart/instincts are in another camp altogether.  A conflict of this type is one which ultimately will be resolved in a creative way.  Take your conflict to a higher place–not one of either/or, but both/and.  A larger perspective would satisfy both ends of the equation.

Leo:  Use special caution when handling beautiful items in your home, office, or vehicle.  Breakage is more than normally possible.  You may have a need to reconnect to family members who have been out of the loop in your life.  Don’t let yourself mope over traumas in bygone times unless it teaches you something about the future.

Virgo Your ruling planet, Mercury, has just changed signs to Scorpio.  This represents a shift of attention from financial matters to focus on communications, neighbors, siblings, and others who are in your daily environment.  You may need to consider the needs of your vehicle now.  Give it a checkup and a detailing.

Libra the Scales  (Sep 22 — Oct. 22):  You likely are experiencing stress in relationship to a lover or one of your children.  This tension could cause you to snap without thinking.  You definitely don’t like conflict and rarely argue with anyone.  On the rare occasion that you do, it leaves you feeling ill.  If you already know who this is, prepare yourself to remain calm when you are with him/her.

Scorpio: You may be tempted to pick up on a past relationship while Venus is retrograding in your sign.  This is not a good idea.  Old issues are likely to resurface not long after you reconnect.  You will learn quickly this relationship should not be in your future.  Don’t fall into old patterns.  Make “nice” and move on.

Sagittarius:  You may have been dallying with a person from the past and discover on April 1 that this is not going to “work”.  A quick getaway is called for, but avoid hurting feelings if you can.  It’s rarely a good idea to burn bridges behind you.

Capricorn:  This is an excellent time to pursue any activity that requires your mental concentration.  Contracts and written communications, along with short distance travel, have go signals.  You may reconnect with old friends, especially those with whom you have worked in the past.

Aquarius:  You want to forge ahead with a new initiative.  However, there are people who are not cooperative.  Pour your energy into doing what you can at present.  Once others understand your plan, they may change their minds.

Pisces:   Someone may be pressuring you to give a favor.  The difficult challenge here is to handle this in a straight transaction.  It would be all too easy to adopt a martyr-like pose and give what is requested with resentment.  Before you respond, think carefully about what you really want to give and then do only that.

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