Desert Foothills Lutheran Church in Action in our Community

Did you know that so many of our military veterans are currently living on the streets in Phoenix? These men, women, and sometimes children (and their pets) have no homes to go to. They live on the street sometimes under makeshift canopies or inside card board boxes.

The Veteran’s Outreach Center is a branch of MANA House, an organization dedicated to helping homeless veterans. At the Outreach Center our veterans can come inside and grab a hot cup of coffee, a cold bottle of water, a sandwich and even a snack. Some of the men there are lucky enough to learn basic computer skills. These men work hard. Once this is accomplished they are eligible for a job working in a warehouse. A job; a chance to get off the street!

The Service Ministry Team at Desert Foothills Lutheran Church & Pre School in Scottsdale works side by side with the Outreach Center. A dedicated group of men and women lead by Jack Chase work hard to supply the center with coffee, bread, food items, snacks, clothing and shoes year round. In the upcoming months the team, along with the members of DFLC, will provide Christmas gifts for the veterans there who are struggling to make a better life for themselves. Each Veteran will receive a small gift along with a personal message from a church member. And who doesn’t like getting gifts? The gifts will be brought to the Outreach Center in mid December to be distributed for Christmas. “It’s important to let these guys and gals know someone out there cares” Jack said recently.

The Veteran’s Outreach Center is just one of the many ministries that DFLC does to reach out to our community.

Our prayer shawl ministry faithfully knits and crochets shawls for adults and small blankets for children. Each piece is blessed and sent on its way with an encouraging note of hope and comfort.

Operation Christmas Child sends Christmas packages to children all over the world who would not normally receive a gift.

Bible Stick Ministry sends the New Testament and selected Psalms recorded on a small digital audio player to our deployed troops serving all over the world.

The Foothills Food Bank receives food and hygiene items year round. This helps to keep the shelves stocked for those in need. At Christmas time the Angel Tree gets filled with gift cards enabling the Foothills Food Bank to purchase Christmas Gifts and dinner for families needing a little assistance.

Barrio Nuevo or “New City” is a revitalization program in South Phoenix. Headed up by Pastor Dave and our own Pastor Mark, this remarkable group of people get together to make a difference and offer hope and dignity to struggling families.

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Barbara-Ann Gulotta