Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Don Sorchych, my viewIf you have followed the attempted hanging of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, you aren’t alone. Most reasoning people are furious with the actions of the Democrat Party, the press and all but Fox News.

People of my age remember the Democrat abuse of Judge Bork. His name is even used as a verb, Borking, meaning, “to discredit a candidate for some position by savaging his or her career and beliefs,” from U.S. jurist Robert H. Bork (1927-2012), whose Supreme Court nomination in 1987 was rejected after an intense counter-campaign by the Democrat party and its followers.

Bork was a highly accomplished jurist with more than enough qualifications for the U.S. Supreme Court.

This outrage was then followed by a similar attempt to negate African American Clarence Thomas’s nomination and election to the Supreme Court. The Democrats found Anita Hill and used her testimony in an attempt to deny Thomas. Fortunately, she failed and Thomas is a cur-rent member of the Supreme Court.