Desert Foothills Air says time to tune your furnace (for only $39/unit)

CAVE CREEK – Most homeowners don’t realize that their HVAC unit manufacturers recommend TWO checkups each year. “The services are completely different for furnaces and air conditioners,” assured Jon Babcock of Desert Foothills Air Conditioning and Heating. In summer, techs inspect evaporator coils (when accessible), filtration systems and blower components, for instance. Winter tune-ups on a furnace address such items as burner assembly, ignition assembly and filtration system or on heat pumps, defrost controls, auxiliary heaters and condensate pumps. Totally different! When temps cool off, assure your comfort with a multi-point check by Desert Foothills Air for only $39/unit. It’s a limited time fall special so call now!

Important to note if your unit is on its proverbial last legs, with recently-imposed government tariffs and a rise in transportation costs due to a shortage of truck drivers, HVAC unit costs have already increased! “We usually have one increase a year,” Babcock offered. “We’ve already had three and we’ll likely see more.” So if your heat pump has hiccups or your furnace is fizzling, it’s a good time to consider a replacement. Plus, Carrier is offering Cool Cash Rebates (up to $1650) through Dec 15 (purchase by Nov 15, 2018).

Customers can trust that Desert Foothills Air will do right by them. The local, family-owned company received a nod from Carrier, who presented the 2017 Carrier President’s Award to the company for leadership and management, customer satisfaction, expertise, business growth and operational excellence. Channels 3 and 5 looked at five of the best (and five of the worst) rated air conditioning companies across the Valley, as ranked by the BBB. Desert Foothills Air was not only in the top five best but ranked the number one company to use in Cave Creek!

If your HVAC system needs maintenance, service or replacement, call the company made famous by 3TV and applauded by Carrier – Desert Foothills Air Conditioning and Heating – at 480-595-0938. Learn more about products, service, support and financing at