“Masked” intruder

God Bless America

The punch line was a payoff

A pair of practical jokers hit the jackpot when they surreptitiously put up a homemade poster on the wall of their local McDonald’s in Houston, TX. The Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC] says it all started when the two noticed that the eatery was adorned with multiple posters showing individuals of various ethnicity noshing away at their fast food of choice. As Jevh Maravilla explained it: “They had other races, but no Asians, so we felt like it was our duty to put ourselves up there.” It took a while, but after painstakingly producing photos of themselves eating store bought fries and putting together a rather professional looking advertisement, they quickly and quietly put it up on a blank wall. And, they taped their escapade from start to finish and posted it on YouTube. They were secretive about their project because they thought the store and the company might frown on their endeavor. Instead, McDonald’s recently presented each of them with $25,000 for their efforts. You might say it was a joke with a very rewarding punch line.

What a little determination can do

Daniel Grinnell of Rochester, NY was determined to buy lottery tickets that day so when he found that the ATM at his favorite Fastrac café was on the fritz, he went to another store to place his bets. It was a lucky decision, not because he was able to withdraw funds from their ATM and wound up winning $27, but because he returned to the Fastrac used his winnings to pay for new scratch-off tickets one of which was worth $3,000,000 and which netted him a $1,558,576 lump sum payment after Uncle Sam got his share.

Who was that masked man

A woman in Pinellas County, Florida woke up one morning recently to find a “masked” intruder in her bedroom. She, of course, called the cops. But, explains the Association of Mature American Citizens [AMAC], he didn’t mean her any harm. He probably was looking for something to eat as raccoons are wont to do. The Pinellas County Sheriff’s office posted photos of the furry critter and the deputy who came to the woman’s rescue on its Facebook Page.