According to Pvt South

Dearly beloved, it has been some kind of week starting with President Trump addressing the United Nations with another great speech. The President told the members it is time pay up. (Makes sense to me.)

Did you notice a Patrick Soon Shiong, a Japanese billionaire, owns a company that created a unique battery for the future, (Very good.) Because of his great wealth he also bought the LA Times, (Not so good.)

The Kavanaugh hearing has been a circus in the Senate because that is what Democrats do when they don’t get their way. One goofy Senator stated Kavanaugh was evil. This Senator has visions of running for president. (perfect.) Another mentally challenged Senator talked about ethics and that person campaigned he was a Vietnam Veteran, (BIG LIE). However, it got him elected with no re-percussions?  OK if you really want to learn something important, (they say follow the money.) Does George Soros ring a bell? Here is an ugly hint, George Soros is the Moriarty of World politics, (and it is no secret.) He funds many Democratic clandestine issues.

Looking back again, if Queen Hillary had won the big one, the Stock Market would still be under 20,000, a lot of Americans would not be going back to work, our military would still be under funded, but hold everything, Dearly beloved, there is some good news, “America’s Dad would not be in the Slammer”.

Kavanaugh will sit on the Supreme Court, and with that, have a nice day.

Pvt South