For week:  Sept. 25 – Oct.2, 2018

For All Signs:  The planet Mars (ancient god of war) is parallel Saturn (ruler of limits and boundaries). Their coming together represents a debate between polarities:  action vs. stasis, hot vs. cold, spontaneity vs. containment, individual needs vs. the collective.  This aspect urges us to develop the self-discipline and groundwork needed to become a courageous warrior for our personal or collective causes. Less positively, when the energies are right for war in the world or strife within a relationship, this conjunction can augur the spark.  Overall, people will be less patient than normal and may be open to a fight if you step on their toes.  Mars is also conjunct to the South Node of the Moon, which represents the past, and old history.  Avoid the slide into old arguments and quarrels.  This would use your energy in a negative way and drag you backward on your path.

Aries:   This is a seriously hard-working period.  You may be packing and moving your personal goods.  Whatever the project, it involves considerable lifting, pushing, pulling, and grunt work.  Be very conscious of good body posture.  The emotional pressure may set you up for an accident.  Take your time and ask for help rather than forcing your limits.

Taurus:  You are in a period of juggling your time and energy.  You want to follow your own plan and you wish others would go into suspension until you have time to complete the project.  Communicate your needs clearly and often for best results.

Gemini:  Relationships are a little rocky now.  There are elements of obsessive thinking and criticism involved.  Be intentional about keeping an open mind and don’t insist on a black and white answer.  It is possible someone is doing this to you, but you can resist falling into that trap.

Cancer:  An issue concerning your estate matters or other shared resources may open up for one more discussions.  This is something that seems to go away, only to surface later in another form.  The issue is over values.  You and the other have differing attitudes.  Consider discussing how you and the Other assign worth.  Maybe that will change the conversation enough to arrive at the conflict differently.

Leo:  Your significant other may be acting like a horse’s patootie right now, but you don’t have to follow suit and play in the same court.  Neither of you is being served by sharp words and irritable behavior.  “Prove it if you love me” is a game left over from the cave people.  Leave it alone.

Virgo:  This is a week in which you will tend to be thinking obsessively.  It is an opportunity to learn how to better control your mind.  Shift your attention to something less dramatic, such as whatever is happening this moment, rather than worrying over what might happen in the future.

Libra the Scales  (Sep 22 — Oct. 22):  It is time to dig deeply into yourself so you can be as fully honest as possible within important relationships.  Speak from your heart and do not allow your ego, which wants only to look good, to take your words hostage.  Think carefully about what is truly important to you now, at this time in your life.  Don’t allow old habits or rules from the past to make your decision for you.

Scorpio: Give attention to the lead paragraph.  If you are angry with someone in the present, it is more related to your childhood and adolescent history than it is in the now.  Notch your passionate response down a couple of pegs and you might be more in the ball park of reality.

Sagittarius:  Don’t allow yourself to be tempted into grandiosity.  You’ll be inclined to spend more than you have, take ill-conceived risks, lecture others about your belief systems, and present your viewpoint as the final word.  It is an attitude that keeps you overly excited and causes difficulty sleeping.

Capricorn:  Prepare for a period of scarcity between now and the end of October.  This could be due to limited income and energy.  Make every effort to not add to your debt load.  You will need your savings for back up.  Otherwise you must work extra hours to manage your resources.  Many of you have seen this time coming and have already prepared.

Aquarius:  Please read the lead paragraph.  Mars is traversing your sign and making the message more imperative for the Waterbearers.  You could become involved in a drama with a significant other.  Your ego may be a bit bruised, but the real wound happened many years ago.

Pisces:  There is an old saying:  “Don’t believe everything you think.”  Take this one to heart this week.  Your feelings and thoughts may be only projections of what you want to think.  You might identify a piece of information as a truth, when indeed, it is merely your opinion.

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