Sept. 19 – 25, 2018

Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs:   Mercury, the ancient messenger god, is unusually busy throughout this week.  This suggests that most of us will be preoccupied with communication of one form or another.  There may be many phone calls, messages, letters, quick conversations, rapid decisions, and/or papers to write.  The period is favorable for probing into causes and finding the bottom line to any matter.  Beware of the tendency to jump to conclusions or acting before all the facts are clear.  Remind yourself of how the old “gossip” game is played and don’t take what you hear very seriously unless it is verified by another trusted source.

Aries:  Your avatar planet is Mars, which is traveling through the territory of community connections and friendships.  This week Mercury is making an easy aspect to Mars, which suggests now is a good time to discuss your relationship with those who are close to you.  The give-and-take is working better than it has in the past.

Taurus:  A sudden surprise may strike you early in this week.  After the shock wears off, you will eventually recognize that this is the best thing that might have happened.  It breaks you away from a rut that has had you jammed tightly into a box.  Occasionally the Taurus Bulls unconsciously create pens of concrete around themselves that must be knocked loose to give room to grow.

Gemini:  Mercury, your ruling planet, moves into the sector of life related to children, recreation, personal creativity, and romance.  Your attention will be focused in these areas through October.  You will enjoy everything more if you can leave your Inner Critic in the closet and not let it loose while you play.

Cancer:   Your mind and heart are clearly in sync at this time.  You are likely at peace with yourself.  There is a solid and practical solution at hand and you do not have to quarrel with yourself over it.  Activities involving your children and/or other creative products of your being are favored.  Love life flows smoothly.

Leo:  The Mercury spotlight is shining on you so brightly this week that the glare may hurt your eyes.  Make an effort to listen without offering opinions.  Inquire of others about their attitudes.  If you make flat statements you are likely incorrect or too adamant for comfort.  Your lack of perspective will be much more focused next week.

Virgo the Virgin: (Aug 22–Sep 22)  Your ruling planet, Mercury, moves into the sign of Libra for the next two to three weeks.  Your attention will be drawn to organizing your financial picture.  Work and daily routines will flow well.  If there are snags in your financial picture, they will show up for correction now.

Libra:  Mercury enters your sign on September 21 and it races through until October 9.   (Please note the lead paragraph.)  Don’t allow anyone to press you into a decision you aren’t ready to make.  However, if you have been cogitating for a long time, then this might be the moment you decide to plunge forward.

Scorpio:  You may feel the need to touch base with those who offer you a sense of “home”.  It could be people from your family of origin or maybe old friends.  It might also have to do with your need for spiritual sustenance.  Returning to places and people who have offered you comfort and solace is a good idea now.

Sagittarius:  Hold tightly to your faith.  You have planted seeds that are slow to develop at first but they hold promise of a growth burst by the end of this year.  This is especially likely if the seeds you planted are meant to help a large number of people.  If so, then Pluto is your major assistant.

Capricorn:   The asteroid Vesta has recently moved into your sign.  It will be with you until late November.  The name Vesta is borrowed from the Vestal Virgins of Rome.  Female children were committed to tend the flame from age 6 to around 30.  They were allowed to do little else.  You may become devoted to someone or something of value during this period.  It’s your turn.

Aquarius:  You may need to concentrate to avoid critics, whether they be internal or external.  Instead of accepting blame or guilt, use the energy to make improvements wherever they are needed.  Follow the “go” signals in your life.  Look for the doors that are open and give you freedom to roam.  Leave the blocked paths for a better time.

Pisces:  Pay special attention to small cues and signals.  The unconscious wants to get in touch through means other than one would expect.  Notice unusual “messages” that others offer.  Sometimes the beginnings of a new path are heralded by hints.  Don’t expect a brick to fall on your head, but look at meaningful experiences.

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