Fireworks / Elections

Don Sorchych, my viewEverybody likes fireworks, a celebration of our patriotism. There were mixed emotions when July 3rd and 4th historical fireworks were canceled supposedly due to dry conditions. No complaints were heard when Harold’s decided to launch minimum size (2 inch) fireworks on Labor Day weekend since the ground was well saturated by Monsoon rains.

The history is that Harold’s put on a Fireworks show on July 3 and Frontier Town did the same on July 4. Harold’s were launched from the hill behind their business and Frontier Town’s were launched on Bob Kite’s property north of the Post Office.

Kite often had a guest table at these events honoring First Responders and Military.

He had hoped his property would be used for one last launch of fireworks since it is being considered for joint residential and commercial projects.

On Sunday, Sept. 2, he had a guest table at Harold’s honoring town employees. Bob invited us, but Shari Jo was traveling so my visiting daughter Dawn and her partner Tom joined me at Kite’s table. Dawn and Tom were returning from the 10th anniversary of The Gathering in Las Vegas, one of the largest knife shows of the year. Dawn is the mother of three children, Nick, Alexandra and Michael. Each of my grandchildren are college graduates and they, like their mother, are devoted Conservatives.

Dawn owns an outdoor store and a 200 acre shooting range. She and Tom regaled Bob’s guests about their activities and what her children are up to.

Bob’s guests included his brother, a friend dating back to 1st grade and his wife. While they indulged in adult beverages Dawn entertained them with pictures of the dozens of alligators she has killed. Yes, legal kills with Florida permits. Then photos of daughter Alexandra flying through the air sky diving before pulling the parachute rip cord. They hunt, fish and scuba dive, just like their grandpa and mother have. I am so proud of all of them!

As we left, my right hand holding a cane and Dawn holding the other arm, a nondescript man stopped us and asked if I was Don Sorchych. I said ‘yes’ and he murmured something. I asked Dawn what he said. She replied, “F— You!” I turned around, planning to wrap my cane around his neck but he had slithered off into the crowd. Cowardly jerk!

But that isn’t all. I got a call from Dan Nelson who as contracted to put on the fireworks. Dan is noted for a finale that seems endless. He is a captain with a major airline but loves fireworks and he is expert at it. He has always given customers a huge price break and has found ways to favor Cave Creek. Even in the face of that, it appears he has not received the agreed upon payment. I have offered Dan an editorial space if he is not paid the agreed upon amount so stay turned.


Well, how to you feel about the primary election?

You may remember I recommended a qualified vote for Troubadour Mayor Ernie Bunch. I recommended him for six months and if he hasn’t resolved street closures, use of parking lots for outside vendors, removed the water tank on town property and convinced the state to audit cash businesses I will find a suitable mayoral candidate to recall him. And a suitable candidate IS NOT Eileen Wright! So if your desire is to be Cave Creek Mayor come on over and chat. And you don’t have to carry around a guitar or act like you are going to spit terbaccer; Willie Nelson does that.

The Arizona Corporation Commission is in trouble. Who would have thought Rodney Glassman would win a Republican Primary? He is and always has been Democrat. If you don’t like Glassman you have to vote Democrat, so I’ll do my homework and report back.

In the case of Republican Martha McSally against “Independent” Kyrsten Sinema for the U.S. Senate, McSally is a must. Sinema is a Democrat and always has been. It is vitally important to relegate Sinema to the past and put heroine McSally in the Senate.