Leftists are all about power, and keeping it

Leftists around the planet today, and in history, are not creators or producers.  They are looters and takers of that which others created or built before them. They use jealousy, envy, greed and hatred to rally the ignorant masses and take power. Iran, China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, to name a few, have done this very thing to seize power, no matter the cost in lives or treasure or culture.

We are witnessing a blatant effort to overthrow a government the Left disagrees with and they will do ANYTHING to get their political power back.  If they do regain power, imagine what they all do to keep that power!   They will trample on our Constitution and our rights.  They will rule, not govern.

The Left failed to socialize the United States back when many countries were going through their internal revolutions.  Russia and China went through it decades ago and look how powerless the individuals are today in those countries.   Cuba? Venezuela? No individual liberty, just what the ruling Socialist Left allows.  Their media are propagandists, not free journalists.  Political differences are forbidden.

Now it is our turn and they are full-on assaulting our Constitution and society.  If ANY US citizen that believes in our US Constitution and personal liberty fails to vote against Democrats in November, they are submitting to the Left and are helping the Left to overthrow our country’s government and rule of law.

I cannot urge every Republican, Libertarian, Conservative, or Constitutional supporter to get out and vote against all Democrats in November.  Every one of them that goes to Washington serves as Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi direction them to vote.  Are we Arizona or are we California or New York? Voting for a Democrat is the same as giving New York and California our vote on national issues.

I guarantee that if Kyrsten Sinema is elected US Senator, she will turn her vote into a Blue State vote.  She will vote the same as every senator in Leftist states like NY, NJ, CT, RI, NH, VT, IL, CA, OR, WA, PA, DE, MD, MN and others.  Are we that stupid??   I hope not!

Stephen C.