America’s future; Free enterprise or socialism

don bitler

Whether we actually like it or not there are certain things we must face in today’s America. Most importantly now it seems the socialist movement to take over both major parties. It is evident however, one party has been much more influenced than the other. It is also obvious that infiltration did not stop with government it extended into our educational system as well as the main stream media.

When Barack Obama promised his fundamental transformation (and so many oppressive socialists posing as democrats cheered wildly) I suspect few Americans had any idea what he had in mind. After all he, wisely, did not explain it. Then in his next breath, he also promised a federal police force just as well trained, funded and equipped as the US military it became clear that transformation was going to need force to implement it. For many that was, or should have been, a red flag. What he was proposing was the equivalent of Germany’s brown shirts. There would have been little difference between his federal police force and the military. However, in order to be constitutional it had to be called a police force. Even if it were the equivalent of the military. Otherwise he would have had to suspend Habeas corpus. Like Lincoln did during the civil war. Risking many in the military leaving like what happened in 1861.

When an Army, or in Obama’s case a new federal police force, is sent to enforce laws, it is evidence that either the law makers are conscious that they had no clear and indisputable right to make those laws, or that they are bad (and) oppressive.  In over 240 years the American Military had not been needed to enforce any law. So why was the promised federal police force going to be needed under the Obama administration? The problem is no one even bothered to ask that question and it went unasked for eight years.

In the final analysis it is clear at this time this move toward socialism/communism by some in the democratic party (I remind everyone not all) is not actually something new but a continuation of the Obama fundamental transformation it is just not Obama promoting it. At least openly. Furthermore, even that is not new according to what McCarthy discovered in the fifties. Forces within this country have been attempting to fundamentally transform America for decades. As a matter of fact Joseph Stalin promised it. When he said he would bury American capitalism.

This move toward socialism/communism by these oppressive socialists will, if it goes far enough, either destroy the democrat party or it will cause a civil war. This is an example of a few imposing their will on the many. If it does cause a war it will be much more deadly than the last one should they somehow, through elections, get the opportunity to impose their ideas on Americans. Only time will tell. But going to war should not be necessary if we recognize the problem now. However, one thing is certain they will need to confiscate the guns first before any transformation can take place. That pesky second amendment keeps getting in the way of those who wish to impose tyranny. Proving over and over and over again the founders knew precisely what they were doing when the second amendment was included in the bill of rights. If America owes anyone, it is they who cannot be repaid except with respect.

Donald (Don) Bitler
Retired pilot, Published author
Nearly 60 year Scottsdale resident
Disabled Veteran