Sep. 5 – 11, 2018

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Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs:  Venus, the ancient goddess of love, carries broad feminine and romantic symbolism.  She resides over relationships, finances, and artistic pursuits.  Mars is the warrior god and prevails over masculine territory, setting boundaries where need be, taking initiatives as required.  The last conjunction occurred in the fall of 2017, which marked the beginning of a new cycle in relationships.  It was in the sign of Virgo, which points at employment, co-workers, employees, and the state of one’s health.  This week Venus has moved into the last quarter square to the conjunction in 2017.  At this point we can pretty well recognize whether that beginning was for good or naught.  We must decide whether to continue building on the initial impulse or to begin dismantling the project.  The “relationship” can be gender oriented, global, or it might be a singular piece of creative work.  As this square has developed over this challenging summer, some will conclude the condition is worth no more effort.  We are given six months to interpret what we see, so don’t make your decision too hastily.  In March of 2019, this aspect is repeated for the second and last time.  Begin your evaluation now.  If it has been worthwhile, pour on the steam to create a grand finale before the next conjunction in August of 2019.

Aries:  Mars, your planetary avatar, is now in direct motion.  There are still impediments and challenges left over from the summer that slow you down.  It will take a few weeks to work out the kinks, but it will happen.  Slowly and steadily.

Taurus:  Give attention to the lead paragraph because Venus is your ally in the solar system.  What she does often represents what is going on with you.  After she squares Mars she moves into different territory in the sign of Scorpio.  There she brings improvements in clientele, social life, and partnerships.  This is a good time to ask for a professional consultation if you need it.  You are especially able to balance with others during this period in order to gain win-win solutions.

Gemini:  Your focus shifts to matters of home, hearth, and family.  Things of the past may float up in your mind for reflection.  If this occurs, ask yourself what you learned from the former experience.  It probably would help you now.  Family and property concerns may occupy your attention.  It is a good time to open important discussions with those closest to you.

Cancer:  You may feel out of sorts this week.  Your feelings are in conflict with your ideal self and your values.  You want to put your best foot forward, but circumstances do not feel quite right.  If the conflict is deep, it is usually best to wait and not yield to whatever pressure is around you.  You will soon sort it all out.

Leo:  This is a time in which you must take a look at reality.  The facts are being exposed related to a financial or sexual matter.  Maybe you are just becoming aware of the truth concerning your partner’s resources.  Or possibly the culprit is yourself as you have avoided clear knowledge of your financial picture.  Being conscious brings the power to resolve issues.

Virgo the Virgin: (Aug 22–Sep 22)  Your planetary ruler, Mercury, changes signs this week and will offer a refreshing change of pace.  You will realize that you have a stronger sense of self and your direction than you have had for the last couple of months.  Now that it is in direct motion, you feel more capable of making decisions and moving forward.  You’ll be cautious at first, but your actions will pick up steam soon.

Libra:  Your property and family gives you a solid foundation now, along with the strength to move forward if needed.  You have created a sense of stability at your base.  Using your resources in practical ways increases this strength.

Scorpio:  Now that Mars is direct, it feels as though you should be moving ahead.  Unfortunately, there is still debris in your path before you can access the free and clear road to the future.  Take it easy and breathe deeply.  You will get there.  It was a hard summer.  Your feminine side will be helpful.

Sagittarius:  Your mood is expansive and optimistic this week.  It is one of those “good luck” times that occasionally happen to the Archers.  You have a grasp of the big picture and could use this energy to promote your projects and gain support.  Or you could simply kick back and enjoy the good feelings.

Capricorn:  The “Powers That Be” are looking favorably upon you.  It appears you have put together something of concrete value that will withstand the test of time.  Others recognize your work and are open to whatever suggestions you may offer.

Aquarius:  This is an opportune week.  If money is owed to you, it should be on its way.  That includes gifts, debts, and insurance claims.  This is not about income from a salary, but it may be about payment for commissions.  People who owe you favors may turn up to repay them now.

Pisces:  There are vampires loose in the world and the Fish tends to attract them.  If you have aged a bit, you probably have begun to smell them when they enter your vicinity.  Those who have not will be learning soon.  It’s a required lesson for this sign.  Take care of yourself first when someone approaches you with a sad story.

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