Thank you

Greetings neighbors! Thanks for reading, and thanks for your vote. I am grateful for the opportunity to be joining a great team in the Carefree Town Council.

We love Carefree. We moved here over two years ago on a whim from 10 miles away, because we fell in love with this community many years before but thought we would not be able to relocate here until retirement, which is still about 20 years from now. I ran unopposed in this election, but my goal was to learn about issues that I feel were important to this town and made them important to me. My goal was to get to know people in this election, regardless of their views, and understand more.

I am learning what is important to residents, and those concerns become important to me. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt and will never discredit others’ views. My wife and I have three kids at home: a high schooler and two middle-schoolers. I’d like to see young families spend time here and even move here. The decisions that I am a part of these next two years are decisions that I make with long-term implications, not short-term band aids. Let’s look ahead, not back. The best way to do that is to work together.  I put the needs of others first. I do it as a dad, a son, a manager, an educator, a coach, and now a councilman.

The next few months for me will be spent attending council meetings and working with our town staff to understand issues they face daily, chatting with residents and business owners, so that I hit the ground running when I am sworn in. We feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful community and will never take that for granted—that is how I will approach the responsibility that Carefree residents have placed on me.

Finally, much of my youth was influenced by role models: parents, clergy, scoutmasters, teachers, coaches. An old coach would refer to a quote that he insisted would carry us over the rest of our lives, and 30 years later I still think about it. He called it: “the 10 most important words you will ever know.”–“If it is to be, it is up to me.”


Proud Councilman-elect Vincenzo “Vince” D’Aliesio
Town of Carefree.