Shot himself in the buttocks

mullet over

– Perhaps this guy needs a new line of “work”: According to a local Boise newspaper, a lone man stole a valuable dog while threateningly wielding a firearm. The act was apparently part of a ransom plot. Subsequent to grabbing the dog, the perpetrator stuffed his pistol into his left rear pants pocket. He then placed the pooch inside a cage that was sitting in the back seat of his getaway car. As the culprit sped down streets, he became uncomfortable sitting atop his revolver. He reached back to adjust the firearm’s position and Mr. Inept (made-up name) shot himself in the buttocks. While in extreme pain, the wounded man attempted to remove the gun from his pocket and shot himself again – in the same region. Bleeding profusely and in agony, the dog-napper pulled his car over to the roadside and awaited rescue. The canine was safely returned.

– A deer roaming in the California wilderness near Mt. Eddy (northern part of the state) has become almost legendary. It is claimed that the large buck has been observed and shot at several times. The elusive animal sports 10 points on one antler and 12 on the other. Dubbed “Ghost Buck,” some hunters say that bullets seem to pass through the deer with no effect. When followed, his tracks “simply cease being made.” His trails of hoof prints always end abruptly. My report on this stag is several weeks old. I wonder if there exists any follow-up information concerning Ghost Buck. Perhaps some knowledgeable reader might share?

– In the decade 1663-1673, much of what is now Canada was known as New France. “Old” France held claim to the region, but the French monarchy had become concerned because nearly all Europeans in the area were men. It was different south of New France wherein the English had comparatively many more women. It became obvious that France was lopsidedly losing the population war. Louis XIV became anxieux (alarmed). The French government initiated a program for approximately 800 French women that offered free transport fees, free land and choices of prospective husbands. The objective was to induce females ages 12-25 to travel overseas and live in the French New World. Recent research into family lineages has revealed that Madonna, Hillary Clinton and Angelina Jolie all descended from women who came to New France during that 17th century era.

– Macau is the most densely populated autonomous region in the world. Macau is near Hong Kong. Human occupation is estimated to be in excess of 48,000 per square mile. Accurate census tabulations are said to be exceedingly difficult. One official language of Macau is Portuguese. Tenha um bom dia.

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