Dear Citizens of Carefree:

Let me first say thank you for your continued support in re-electing me as a member of Carefree Town Council. It is both an honor and privilege to serve as a representative of the citizens of Carefree.

As you will recall, a group of us ran as a common slate; I ran alongside Les Peterson–Mayor, John Crane–Vice Mayor, Cheryl Kroyer–Councilwoman, Steve Hatcher–Councilman, Vince D’Aliesio–Councilman. We ran together because we believed that our shared passion for our town and delivering results that benefit our town were in harmony. The election results, the voice of the people, spoke loudly!

There is much to be done: water for the future, continuing economic development, partnering with and assisting our downtown merchants so that they continue to prosper, sustaining our roadways, developing sustainable leadership for the future through the nascent Desert Foothills Leadership Program, and much more.

Again, thank you for your continued support.

I would like to take an additional moment to offer my perspective on this election, given the discord that this election garnered in the media and at town council meetings. It is my belief that we must learn from this, or we will be doomed to repeat it.

I know that we would all agree that when a citizen records information in any medium — whether on a poster, a billboard, in a blog or letter to the editor, on Facebook, etc. — that person has a responsibility to present the truth – not half the truth or total falsehood.

I also know that we would all agree that If the person wants instead to present his opinion, then that person has an obligation to inform readers that he is doing just that – merely stating his own opinion. Additionally, that person has an obligation to invite disagreement. Not only does that safeguard the truth, civil disagreement is the essence of democracy. We all know that it is not about furthering our own beliefs or conspiracy theories or half-truths; it is about getting to the truth so that we can join together to honor it.

But that is not what happened during this election.

Fortunately, however, Democracy prevailed! The silent majority made the final decision. The majority voters were able to see through self-serving motives and behavior of those who were attempting to gain their own ends. Those individuals did not have the interests or future of Carefree in their sights at any time during the election. And the silent majority – those who value integrity and honesty and democracy– won out.

Thank you for that!

Michael J. Krahe, Ph.D.
Carefree Town Council