August 29 – September 4

Vivian Carol
Vivian Carol

For All Signs:  We experience inflation, then recession, followed by inflation once again—a never ending cyclic wheel in our socioeconomic system and our psyches.  These two extremes are represented in the sky by Jupiter, planet of expansion, and Saturn, planet of contraction. In their orbits of the Sun they periodically move into a relationship of tension which is reflected in our world by a recessionary slump relative to recent times. The Saturn principle dominates our thought and represents a stifling of vision and creative risk taking. We fear starvation, literally or figuratively, so we dare not take chances to increase inventory, add employees or experiment with improvements.  During this month we have one more round of deflationary news. Don’t allow dreadful expectations of the future decade to negatively influence long range decisions. Fearful thinking only generates more fear.  Make an effort to remain cautiously neutral with an open mind.

Aries:  Although your ruling planet, Mars, has now turned direct, it is still moving slowly.  This is your avatar in the solar system.  Its position indicates that you need to stick to completing projects already started before you take off into new territory.  Apply the needed finishing touches.

Taurus:  Now is a good time to take a creative look at your life. You have a desire to experience that which is beautiful.  Perhaps you would like to paint, write, play music, or enjoy another endeavor that gives personal satisfaction.  Love and family life should be fruitful and bring positive experiences.

Gemini:  Your relationship(s) to lovers, siblings, neighbors, partners and children are particularly favored now.  Errands or short trips may be on the agenda.  Follow your curiosity to see where it leads.  Things of beauty will seem especially sparkly.

Cancer:  The requirements of your partner or an authority figure may rain on your parade at this time.  Hold in mind that this individual is taking a long-term view.  Although that may not be your preference, it is necessary to your safety or security.  It is not a situation in which he/she just wants to aggravate you.

Leo:  You are drawn to all things beautiful and truly tempted to buy the wonderful items you see, especially those for your vehicle.  If you need to watch your dollars, leave your credit cards at home and wait a couple of days before making a big purchase.

Virgo the Virgin: (Aug 22–Sep 22)  You may have a relationship challenge this week near Friday.  You and your partner could have values that are askew.  Don’t make a big thing of it.  Talk it through and compromise.  If that doesn’t resolve the issue, maybe it will work better if each of you can manage things alone for a few days.

Libra:  Love and social life are high on your priority list now.  You may not have the time to attend to all your invitations!  Short distance trips, errands, and education, whether it involves teaching or learning, are all on the A rated list.  You have a need to communicate the ideas that rush through your mind.

Scorpio:  Jupiter has been in your first house and pushing you to take gambles or risks.  Don’t do anything risky now, particularly if it involves money.  You likely will lose it before the promise of gain is reached.  Stick to the conservative for the next few months.  Scale down on your expenditures.

Sagittarius:  The new business/career direction of the past several months is straining to be expanded.  Normally the Archers are always in favor of advancing, but just right now that instinct is holding you back.  You are right to wait for more definitive signs before you take a risk.  Pace yourself.  It may be late fall or winter before you see “go” signals.

Capricorn: Remain conservative in your decisions.  This is not the time for an expansive new move.  It is better to save your resources for better opportunities in the future.  Don’t consider this a statement of gloom.  Settle yourself and your desires until you are really ready to expand.

Aquarius:  What you do in your business and financial life now will have greater than usual impact in the future.  The problem is that you do not yet feel clear about where you should expand and where you need to contract.  Conservative choices are best for a while.  Don’t rush the decision.  Remain in the background until you can see more clearly.

Pisces:  You would like to fly off into the land of fantasy and fiction.  However, just right now there are expectations that you feel obligated to fulfill.  This may be an experience that is common for the other-worldly Pisces.  Fantasy is much easier for you than reality.

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